Friday 5th of June 2020

embracing coalition values .....

‘Psychological torture, sleep deprivation, brutality,
severe sexual humiliation, and murder summon visions of a dank dungeon in a
remote region of pre-invasion Iraq, Iran, or North Korea, replete with evil
inquisitors and hooded executioners. However, those manifestations of horror
did not spring forth from the Axis of Evil. They are actually drawn from
official post-9/11 US policy. Despite its fabled commitment to human rights,
the United States government has been committing and enabling acts of torture
for half a century. Not even Superman had the power to snatch “Truth, Justice
and the American Way” from the crushing jaws of imperialistic ambition and

Ironically titled, Albert McCoy’s A Question of Torture probes and exposes the
extent of “the Land of the Free’s” involvement in human torture over the years.
Only a mainstream media 90% controlled by five major corporations (whose
executives and major stockholders are amongst the de facto rulers of the
America’s so-called republic) could so effectively maintain the illusion that
the United States is the world leader in protecting human rights. Somewhere out
there, David Copperfield is burning with envy. Rest easy, David. They are
running out of magic. Destroying our Constitution and reversing the
humanitarian gains achieved by millions of Americans with a social conscience
throughout our nation’s history, the Bush Regime is extinguishing the candle of
hope America once offered to humanity. Despite the exhaustive efforts of the
media handmaidens, people are taking notice.’ 

Democratising The
World: One Torture Victim At A Time