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Phone-tapping bill on the way ….. 

March 30, 2006 

Police and intelligence agencies
are to be given sweeping new powers to tap the phones of innocent people who
come into contact with terrorism suspects, although a bipartisan committee
urged substantial changes to the proposed laws. 

The controversial amendments to
the Telecommunications (Interception) Act are expected to be passed this week,
with new safeguards recommended by the Senate's legal and constitutional
committee to be considered only at a later date. 

Coalition and Labor members of
the committee expressed concerns about the new powers, saying safeguards were
"far too vague" and "inadequate". 

"The committee remains most
concerned at the potential breadth of information relating to individuals which
could be captured," the committee said in a report his week. Under the new
phone-tapping regime, third parties who come into contact with terrorism
suspects can have their phone calls monitored without their knowledge. 

The Government and its security
agencies argue the powers are needed to monitor increasingly surveillance-savvy
jihadists, but civil libertarians say the laws are an unwarranted intrusion.
There are particular concerns about possible breaches of professional