Monday 24th of February 2020

US abandons UN human rights council .....

From American Progress …..

The US Withdraws Support From UN Human Rights

In 1946, under the leadership of Eleanor
Roosevelt, the United States led the way in creating the first U.N. human
rights commission.  

How things have changed.  

The United States announced yesterday
"that it would not
be a candidate for the new United Nations Human Rights Council
, which was
approved last month by the General Assembly with Washington nearly alone in
opposition." (Read more about the
new council

The U.S. decision comes despite
the urging of key allies
, such as the United Kingdom, and represents a
significant reversal by numerous U.S. officials, who pledged as recently as
last week to fully support the new rights council. "[W]e have agreed that
we will do everything that we can to make it work, because we think it's
important to have a Human Rights Council," Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice said, while U.N. Ambassador John Bolton promised to "work
cooperatively with other Member States
to make the Council as strong and
effective as it can be."