Tuesday 25th of February 2020

keeping us safe .....

From today’s SMH
Letters page ……

In the firing line

Apart from cameras that should always be working, one of the key airport
security measures is to check for gunpowder residue on selected travellers. A
few days ago airport security guards stopped me for a check even though I had
not fired a gun for 40 years, but the Irish clay pigeon shooting team was
allowed to pass. 

I had been talking to them a few
minutes before - noisy chaps in their 30s, in camouflage cargo pants, and you
could smell the gunpowder and the Guinness on them a mile away. 

But of course they sailed
straight through unchallenged - that's the luck of the Irish. 

S.E.P. James Edgecliff


James should be bloody
grateful that Dick Cheney wasn’t taking the flight.