Tuesday 11th of August 2020

why I stopped reading mother jones...

MJ For a while this publication, "Jones' Mum", showed some guts and then got taken in by the ideological sloppies. By this I mean that guts can produce hard shit or one can have the runs. The latter is not pretty.

Mother Jones could not stop itself to love Hillary and to hate Donald. Now, from time to time we have to make difficult choices in life, I understand this. But the choice between Hillary and Donald for President of the USA was the most wicked ever. A bit like the French folks having to choose between Macron and Le Pen. It should have been between Macron and Mélanchon, but the election of the “premier tour” played a dirty trick as the commies and the socialists were against each other. Mélanchon would have won against the little banker, to be polite. There are far more workers than bankers in France.

In the USA, the least offensive dude had to win, except in the case of Clinton and Trump, their crap was much closer and it was hard to know who was the dirtiest. Hillary was a deceptive nasty warring woman and Trump is a tweeting voluble idiot with a bad diet. I blame this horrendous choice onto the failure of US colleges, such as Harvard, to create intelligent humans — as they only educate people to become economic thieves at the head of banks and other corporate capitalist systems… 

Mother Jones did all it could to prevent Donald having access to the levers of power. Politics is rarely clean. Heroes have feet of clay and dirty underpants. The media that become a supporter of one candidate versus another, without showing the warts and all, become agents of deception. 

We know that the Murdoch media supported Trump against all the other “liberal” media. Our Australian experience tells us that the Murdoch media never loose, even if eventually this media organisation might loose on some specific issues in the future. We know the Murdoch media is slanted, crooked, bent and leaning far to the right. The problem with “liberal” media such as Mother Jones is that they are slanted, bent and leaning to the left, while claiming absolute integrity. Bollocks. At least, the Murdoch media does not claim purity. Uncle Rupe knows he’s pushing a barrow of hard shit — and the unwashed and the deplorables have to swallow, while the rich elite (not the intelligentsia)  love Murdoch. 

The American “liberal” media hate Putin. Why? Who knows… The “liberal” media do not want to joint the dots — or more often than not, they join the wrong ones: "Assad bad, rebels good” (Obama and Hillary’s position). “Gaddafi bad, destroy Libya good” (Obama and Hillary’s position). Glorious Sarkozy (“good” in the eyes of Obama and Hillary) was a Gaddafi double-dealer, also leading to the destruction of Libya. 

One could ask the questions: why did not Putin (Russia) oppose the UN “resolution” — organised by Hillary and Obama to destroy Libya under false pretences that Gaddafi was about to “massacre his people”? What was Gaddafi real “sins”? What went wrong in Benghazi? Why the US wanted to replace multi-ethnic supportive Assad with a mono-Sunni extremist government in Syria? For “democracy”? Don’t make me laugh… This is soft sloppy shit… The US support of the “rebels” in Syria had nothing to do with democracy. It was to provide Saudi Arabia with another vassal that would help the US and the Saudis against Iran. Democracy is often ugly when it becomes the desire of a (often fake) majority against the fair aspiration of the rest of a country. See what’s happening in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia — and even in the USA when Hillary won the most votes, but the system of colleges sunk her.

So, nothing is clear cut and some media are starting to get tired, Mother Jones included. Mother Jones hate the Ruskies and love the “liberal” evangelicals. On both count, Mother Jones is not thinking beyond “we hate Trump” — let’s destroy him. On all count Mojer Thones would have to know that this is not going to help the Democrats one iota. It might actually work in the opposite way. Our crystal ball does not say anything yet. 

Based on all available hubris, Gus’s opinion which is worth a rabbit’s fart on a good day, would be to support Buttigieg against Trump, should you wish for a Democrat government. 

On the question: why did not Putin (Russia) oppose the UN “resolution” — organised by Hillary and Obama to destroy Libya under false pretences that Gaddafi was about to “massacre his people”? Well, there could be several theories on the subject. Putin did not want to participate in the romp. Russia could have opposed the romp at the UN. Is it that Russia did not mind the US, the French and the UK doing some dirty deed that to some extend might profit Russia by eliminating an “energy-supplier” competitor, Libya? By the time Russia intervened in Syria, many people, from Libya and Syria, had sought refuge in Europe, through Turkey and the Med. The US supported “rebels” in Syria were not clean “freedom fighters”. They were Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and Daesh. Daesh is now regrouping in northern Iraq. Many Uyghurs (up to 16,000) had joined daesh and have become a terrorist problem in China — which we chastise for dealing with this problem in its own harsh way, while we let Assange rot in prison in England.

Rather than decry the stupid US led wars (Obama and Hillary) that started all the unfortunate waves of refugees, the “liberal” media went up in arm at the lack of compassion shown by the Europeans. And when Trump “wants” to stop wars in Syria and bring US troops back home, the “liberal” media go up in arms about “abandoning our friends — the Kurds”… One can smell the constant compromising hypocrisy from half a world away.

We’re not trying to be holier than the pope on this site. But Gus would suggest we need to become a bit more realists while exposing the failings and deceptions of the systems, while being compassionate. Jones’ Mum is not enlightened on the first two points. Regarding compassion, MJ is a bit of a bleeding heart with no brain, ready to let the devil inside.