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request Melbourne outlets for Not Happy John stickers etc (john moffat)

Where can I get stickers here in Melbourne.? Michelle Grattan mentions tee shirts in her article in 'The Age' Is there a range of merchandise available? Good luck with your campaign. The man is immoral.
Margo: Send your postal address to and we'll send you some stickers. Re the T-Shirts, the John Valder led 'Not Happy John!' campaign against John Howard in Bennelong is producing them now, and they'll be available soon. Stay tuned.

Shifting me our of the smug 'Coonawarra Red' (Michael Morgan)

Have just put down 'Not Happy, John'. Congratulations on such a strong piece of work. You've shifted me out of the smug, 'Coonawarra Red', 'I didn't vote for the little blighter' avoidance and elitism (that had been becoming so bloody uncomfortable) back to thinking about specifics and looking for better ways. Thanks.

There's one step that I'm thinking about adding to your 'What to do' list at the end of the book. Buying shares. Not many. Just enough Fairfax and NewsCorp shares (and other media companies - IF I CAN FIND ANY) as will permit me to turn up to any of their AGMs and ask 'interesting' questions. Given the demographic of your readers, I'm sure they can scrape together a few hundred bucks to take back their media.

This isn't about profit, it's about democratising media and other large companies. It's not just my ABC ...

PS - I've taken the liberty of recommending NHJ to some dissident friends in the US.

Is this our winter of discontent? ()

Hi. I'm back from Switzerland and in Brisbane. Strangely enough, I am wondering if this is our winter of discontent. The last time I was in Australia was for not much more than a week at Christmas. It seemed to me that everyone was happy and at least on the surface a picture of contentment. This time though all I hear is grumbling. My friends and family are not necessarily a barometer of the population but I can't help but feel Christmas was an illusion. The biting reality of winter has arrived.

Of course winter in Queensland is a reasonably warm and sunny affair so none of it seems much like the British Winter of Discontent in 1978-1979. That winter heralded the end of Labour rule. What will this winter mean for us?

I am hearing the same tune where ever I have been this past week. People are tired of the way that institutions are treating them. In one sense that seems like nothing new. We've been hearing that for years. People have lost faith in institutions

Something inspiring for the weekend ()

Sometime Webdiary poet, fulltime artist, creative teacher and all-round Australian Dreamer Robert Bosler drops by with his beautiful review, in fine time to send everyone's spirit-person soaring skywards for the weekend. I know I'm hopelessly biased - and I know he'll be embarrassed by my exhuberance here - but in my mind Robert's that rarest thing: a humble, gentle, genuine Australian genius. His visionary poetic interludes for Webdiary have often entranced and inspired us to better things, but it was only after I met him in person at the Sydney NHJ! launch, and then got myself lost in his visual work on a long Dreamtime walkabout through his website, that I realised what I'd been missing for so many years.

Pay a great Australian teacher a cyber-visit. Let him help you unlock the doo

Views from Big Brother ()

While the Americans have chosen a (wise) fixed-term system, our election is yet to be called. It's surely about time Australians think about implementing a Constitutional change towards a more mature democracy. How many of us would love to dispense with the on-going guessing games being waged by our media over John Howard's mind? Will he or won't he call the election in September, October or perhaps even after the November 2 American election?

Today, a small selection of writers and themes occurring in the US over the culture wars and the politics of John Kerry. Many of these discussions provide interesting food for thought here, especially for those arguing towards a strengthening of a two-party system. Is Latham truly the only option? And how much do we really know about him? As NHJ argues, thinking beyond an ALP/Liberal dynamic is central to the future of a healthy democratic system.

First up, a
Crikey's national affairs editor Christian Kerr filed this wonderful report yesterday on the launch of Brian Deegan's campaign to unseat Alexander Downer in Mayo. It was in the subscriber only daily email sent by Worth the money, I reckon.

Why Brian Deegan is trying to unseat Downer ()

G'day. If you feel like it, wander into Dymocks bookshop at the corner of Hunter and Pitt Streets in Sydney next Tuesday, August 3 between 12.30 and 1.30pm, when I'll be hanging around to sign books and have a chat. And if you want extra stickers, I'll bring the few I've got left to hand over. I haven't had a chance to publish the manifesto of John Valder - one of the blokes behind the 'Not Happy John!' group - but will do so next week. Crikey's national affairs editor Christian Kerr filed this wonderful report yesterday on the launch of Brian Deegan's campaign to unseat Alexander Downer in Mayo. It was in the subscriber only daily email sent by Worth the money, I reckon.

Barrister and declared Independent Candidate for Warringah (Neil Francis Francey)

I can't believe how closely my views are reflected in 'Not Happy, John!' and in the elements of the ''Not Happy, John!' Campaign', being views that prompted my decision to stand as an independent candidate against Tony Abbott at the forthcoming election in the seat of Warringah (as is apparent from my website).

With attention already directed toward Howard in Bennelong and Downer in Mayo, why not make it a Trifecta and knock off Abbott (who denied the majority a republic) in Warringah. For that matter, let's make it a Quadrella and include Ruddock in Berowra. We would then be a long way down the track of reclaiming our democracy and true 'liberal' values.

NHJ! Good luck, mate. (See the NHJ!-Blog for more.)

this books taps into my anger at the injustices served upon the Australian people by John Howard (Cath Barratt)

Great book Margo! I am only halfway through the book but I feel my rage growing as I read each chapter. In the eyes of many, John Howard is far from being the statesman-like figure he imagines himself to be. I believe he will be remembered as being the most divisive Prime Minister in our history - one who has scant regard for the democratic process, the very process he puports to uphold and protect. I am appalled by the continued assault on those journalists who dare to be truly investigative rather than toeing the 'party' line. I am angered by Howard's continued use of pejoratives in order to demonise those who dare to criticise him. I am furious that he seems to have hoodwinked the majority of the electorate.

I only hope that enough of us can 'maintain the rage' for long enough and in great enough numbers to see 'regime change' at the next election.

Finished the book-not happy with the chapter written by the Lib (Rod Power)

Margo I finished your book finally. I previously wrote when I was up to the chapter on John Dubya Howard's attack on charities. The chapter written by the economist ex-patriate left me a little flabbergasted by the way this self -confessed lib cannot break the mould of its trend-setters. It is fine to express a point of view, but a view should not contain a lie. This guest writer of yours was going on about companies going broke (HIH, Ansett etc) due to its directors. In the next breath he stated that Kim Beazley's 'black hole of 1996 for $8 billion almost sent Australia broke. This is such rubbish especially coming from an economist. The facts are that the economy was going through its cycle at the time the libs won in 1996. The deficit was no big deal as it was self-correcting as history shows. If this writer is going to keep making the same cheap shots about Labor's black hole then, he and all Libs should know that when Labor won in 1983 the budget deficit was $12 billion dollars

Getting creative over democracy ()

For quite some time now, I've been noticing a number of American citizens determined to spread the message of taking back their democracy seriously wounded in the last years. Novel ways of communicating is the key.

Some write books, some blog, some simply spread the message to friends and family.

But some create wonderfully artistic interpretations on the web. This is one such creation.

It's about the last US American election and the fraudalent removal of voting records in Florida. It's fun, powerful, visually striking and exudes anger. More importantly, however, it's about motivating people to stand up and not let the mistakes of the past happen again.

Words in the presentation are from Greg Palast, author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, and one of Britain's best investigative journalists.

How about people creating something simi

Going after Saint Tony ()

Neil Francey, Independent 'small l' Candidate in Tony Abbott's NSW seat of Warringah drops by with a review of NHJ!, poking all-interested potential voters to his rather flash website hub.

Have a swizz around his cyber-empire and check out Neil's democratic pitch - especially if you're a north-shore local who's fed up with Mr Abbott's arguably less-than-honest brand of 'Honest Politics'. NHJ! readers will be bemused to learn that, according to MK, the AEC has (apparently) now decided to drop the whole AHPT Trust fund pursuit. (Keep an eye on Webdiary for more on this soon; I haven't checked out the AEC website yet myself, so if anyone's got more on this, let us know.)

Meanwhile, cheer yourself up by having a look at Barrister Neil's legal work on health and tobacco issues. His campaign slogan

Take a step towards your own creative light... (Robert Bosler)

This is not just a book. This is a document nailed to the hall of Australian history.

Author Margo Kingston's 'Not Happy, John' is a snapshot of the national moment. We needed it. Our country's children will be able to look back on this moment and see whether we learned, which path we took.

For all the effort taken in writing it, and for all the damage it uncovers, there is cause for hope. We must view this work in that light.

I am hopeful in that now that we have been given this gift of knowledge, we can each in our own way take a step towards the light. That it exists is cause for hope. That it is charting is tremendous cause.

You go girl.

And thank you.

Personally, my first impression is that this book is eminently readable. That surprised me, because I held with trepidation the nature of the subject matter, and wondered silently if I could as a citizen play a role in its understanding. No problem, the book rollocks along and the comple

Margo Kingston at Dymocks Sydney in August (Letitia Davy)

Letitia Davy at Sydney Dymocks advises:

'Margo Kingston will talk about her new book Not Happy, John! which burst onto the Dymocks top ten in its second week. Have a glass of bubbly with us, as we defend our democracy!

Wed 18 August @6pm
424-426 George Street
FREE event but bookings essential

Contact Letitia Davy 92309013, or

NHJ! (JR): Be there, or be square.

57 years old, bearded, tubby, short, needs reading glasses (mike puleston)

Margo you're a bloody ratbag - spawning a 400 page rant that hardly takes a breath in its merciless gallop through the tatters of John Howard's grubby reputation. Any sensible journo of your experience would have taken a comfortable job with Murdoch by now...... Thank God you didn't. Keep on trucking, you mad bastard! (And why can't women be mad bastards too, in the best traditional Aussie meaning of that expression?)

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