Monday 17th of June 2024

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Reserve Bank Reveals Howard was Lying

I don't understand why this article in the SMH was not on the front page.

We now have the highest institutional authority on interest rates - The Reserve Bank - revealing that Howard's central election campaign was a fabrication.

The only reason the Reserve Bank didn't speak up and say the Liberals were lying about interest rates, according to the article, is because they didn't want to become a highly politicised focus of the campaign themselves.

We can empathise with the Reserve's dilemna at the time.

Design upgrade

Regulars will have noticed small changes to the site over its opening weeks, all thanks to volunteers David and Nigel.

But David has just implemented a whole new look, still with cartoonist Gus Leonisky's banner design, but with some much slicker formatting.

Thanks heaps for your work David.

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It soon became obvious that Margo's book and were a part of something much huger. Many thousands of people were Not Happy John in a great variety of ways. Although it's a little sad to think of it, it was really exciting and many of us desperately tried to hope that Howard's end had come. Sadly, we were very wrong.

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