Saturday 31st of July 2021

Moronicus apologeticus

Academic promotes torture for 'extreme' circumstances

Two Victorian academics have sparked controversy by advocating the legalisation of torture as an interrogation method.

The head of the Deakin Law School, Mirko Bagaric, is the co-author of a paper on the moral justification for torture which is about to be published

No No... this is unacceptable. These two people should be submitted to the process themselves to see what it really means.

There can be NO MORAL justification for this kind of behaviour. Call it whatever you will but do not attach torture and morality in the same breath.

Call it “expedient means to get information


Hey Gus, isn't it staggering what people can justify?

Perhaps the dynamic duo would feel differently if it were to be them or a family member who would be first up for the experiment. I just don't believe a lot of what people are saying today, it's too reminiscent of many historical eras and current activities hopefully only in other countries to date.

An aside, perhaps for Hamish as well. I can't see any of Gus's art. I see either a black box or a white box with an x at the top left indicating the file is absent. I also have an extended loading time now at YD which is a recent change.

Keep up the good work Gus.

Tick ... tick ... tick

Moronicus refers to the Manual of Protocols and Procedures. It's mostly pictures, and requires a reading age of about Prep level. Some practices are marked with a red star, and there is a 24-point memo from Chief Forked-Tongue on the front cover. "Take special note of techniques like balancing the holy book on dunny seat, in order to make the criminal confess. This sort of despicable behaviour will not, repeat not, be authorised by the Office of The Chief. You know what to do, but we will deny it."

This paper gives a splendid opportunity for the government and the AFP to strenuously denounce torture, and hence prove they could never have been complicit with rough play at Gitmo, or fine-tuning of towelheads at Damascus. If Mr Habib has thoughts of sueing, he can forget it.

Re: Pictures

Pegasus, I am sorry you can't read the pictures. It's a difficult balance. Some do come up, some don't. Until yesterday I was not able to post pictures directly and had to go via email. Now I have been provided a pathway to upload directly into it and I will experiment with sizes and file format.

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Re: moronicus apologeticus

Hi Gus, Senator Panting Rottweiler today confirmed that torture proponent Professor Bagaric will no longer be a member of the Refugee Review Tribunal but will remain a member of Migration Review Tribunal.


Look forward to it Gus

Hey Gus, As above. Will let you know when the cartoons appear. Worth the wait I'm sure.