Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Another top job

Another top job

predictable .....

all so predictable .....

After his discussions with the oil companies today, John Howard said:


‘But I think it was important we had the discussion. It reminds the oil majors of our continuing interest in this issue and the continuing interest of the ACCC. But I think it's also right of me to say that the price of petrol is high because the price of oil is high. That's the fundamental reality and nobody can escape that. And no good purpose is served by my pretending that there's some magical fiddle that can be implemented to bring it down faster than it will otherwise fall as a result of market forces.’


So, cutting through the ‘fluff’, our warrior World Statesman: Saddam’s nemesis & the feared scourge of Islamic terrorists everywhere; best mates with the most powerful psychopath & oil speculator on the planet & self-declared protector of Aussie Mum’s & Dad’s everywhere, won’t take-on profiteering oil cartels, nor give-up any of his government’s obscene tax-rort on fuel.


All so predictable: just ask Kerry or Rupert or Barnaby or Manildra or …….