Saturday 20th of July 2024

As the wind blows...

As the wind blows...

Belly up

Now, look, don't be hard on Barnaby. He had to contend with urgent phone calls from umpteen carpetbagging bishops (including the Bronwyn) and the realities of Sutton's Law. What's the point of making yourself unpopular, over something as pathetic as principle, when you are going to lose, anyway? Barnaby's constituents would not thank him, when the next barrel of rotten pork is dispensed to the loyal tribes in the bush.

It's not difficult to cleanse the conscience. It's a very malleable organ when the Cardinal is giving it a nudge. "Just think, Barnaby, if you vote against this legislation (which is, after all, very desirable according to my very good friend the PM) then you will be voting with Labor and the Greens, and they are baby-killers, as we all know and believe. Just ask Ron Boswell and a few others. How would your conscience like to live with that?"

Barnaby had to confess to Red Kerry, at 7.30, that Bishop Coonan put him in an armlock and threatened to call the deal off, unless he took the $2b. That's haggling! Don't call their bluff, don't up the ante, just cave in because they are in a rush. What happened to your kiddies' pet dog, Barnaby? Did they leave its head on your wife's pillow, or just the corpse on the doormat?