Saturday 2nd of December 2023

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BALI, INDONESIA – ‘Hospital officials say three Australians were among the 25 people killed after terrorist bombs packed with ballbearings tore through three packed Bali tourist restaurants in Jimbaran and Kuta. Five Australians remain missing and 19 were among more than 100 injured’ Bali Outrage 


Australian Prime Minister, John Howard said: “I express my sympathy & condolences to those & just say on behalf of all the Australian people how sad we are that the pursuit of a legitimate, simple overseas holiday has once again been brutally interrupted by this violent, mindless act of terrorism."  


QAIM, IRAQ – ‘Ten people were killed and eight wounded on Friday when US forces conducted an air strike on the western city of Qaim, 320 km (200 miles) west of Baghdad, a medical source said’ Security Incidents In Iraq  


Australian Prime Minister, John Howard said: …………





The Cruel Curse of a Kuta Killed

Oh brothers and sisters in pain, pray needlessly for the souls of terrorists
Because Happy Joe died too soon fazed by the enormity of his deed
To cast a centuries-old cruel curse on his executioners’ terror creed
And on all those who wage war in the name of peace

For the enemy is oft the brothers we betrayed or did not love
Yet the pain in Joe’s dying heart cursed those bombers’ souls
Twenty generations and five hundred years, forever to be foul
Never to be invited by Vishnu, Allah nor to a Holy Trinity’s trove

Not even evil nor devil will their souls ever see,
As forever lost they are now destined for oblivion
In a cruel curse lasting for five hundred years and twenty generations
A damning centuries-old curse on these executioners’ souls
And on all those who wage war in the name of peace

So listen carefully, you the great leaders of the world,
You the Palestinian suicide bombers and you the Jewish soldiers
So too the thirty thousand-feet collateral damage bombers
Listen carefully, you the terrorists of Al Qaeda and you the JI lord
Fundamentalist who kills to despise others’ life, clean or unclean
Anyone who murder children in the name of peace and mothers in war
Or fathers, brothers, sisters and anyone else to be happily seen,
Your soul will never ever be invited to the eternal banquet,
Your soul forever lost as if you never lived for time to forget,
Your fate to be worst than burdened by an original sin

Too strong the curse of Happy Joe the Kuta killed
Unmoveably cast for your soul to be forever cruelly killed
Yet the doomed fate of your children and their children can be redeemed
If you pray for forgiveness and stop your deadly deeds

Smile givingly and be happy to redeem your mortal life’s aspect,
So your humble humanity can take greater care of this fragile planet
Since you now chose not kill to live forever in proper peace
You’re on the way to heed the too Cruel Curse of a Kuta Killed

Then only your family spirits to be saved by your relentless regrets
In this world where you do not have to love but just respect
As you shall not kill anyone to live forever in proper peace
T’is the only way to heed the Cruel Curse of a Kuta Killed

Not a pip in the western media...

From Aljazeera

At least 25 Iraqis have been killed and about 87 wounded in a car-bomb blast targeting Ibn al-Nama mosque in the city of Hilla, south of Baghdad, police and hospital officials said. Some others said Wednesday's [05/10/05] deadly blast was caused by an explosive devise planted inside the mosque, Aljazeera reported.