Thursday 30th of November 2023

Rumsfeld Security Smarts- Down Under

While Rumsfeld, Zoelleck, Hill and Downer were "doing lunch" in Adelaide last week, a friend of mine, just to see if he could, came out from the cafe in the adjoining building to the town hall into a laneway that he estimates would have been about fifteen feet from the hall's main dining room. 

Eventually one of the three hundred police parked out the back came and asked him what he was doing, laughed when told it all looked like "a policeman's picnic.

My friend had simply carried out the exercise to prove a point.  He was not searched or even asked for his details.

Somebody with more sinister motive could have done a lot of damage.

At around the same moment in time, around the corner from the Hyatt, one man was asked to remove his shoes and socks so that police could check him for concealed explosives, and an S.A. politician taking photos of the hotel was asked for name, address and date of birth. 

Compare the two scenarios.  It's not too hard to conlude that the security display was a P.R. exercise,  mostly  to protect Rumsfeld from flying eggs 

 The other security snage made it all the way to Michael Moore's website


In an embarrassing security breach numerous guests staying at the Hyatt Hotel were yesterday mistakenly given full details of U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's two day itinerary in Adelaide.

To their astonishment yellow business envelopes were slipped under their hotel doors about 10am.

Their rooms were on the same level as one of the three floors locked down for the Rumsfeld visit. The unsealed envelopes were marked United States of America, Official Business.

"Welcome" had been handwritten across the face of the envelopes in large capital letters. Each contained six pages of detailed information about Mr Rumsfeld's movements while in Adelaide.

The package contained the names and room numbers for the Defence Secretary and his full entourage. It also contained the mobile phone numbers, name and titles of a large number of operational staff.

The document gave specific details of motorcade arrivals and departures and visiting points for the two full days.

Was Maxwell Smart in charge of the operation? 

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