Saturday 20th of July 2024

romney's crusade...

romney's crusade

Mitt Romney is in damage control after a new video surfaced showing the Republican presidential nominee ruling out peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

The video, obtained by the Mother Jones website, shows Mr Romney telling an audience of wealthy donors at a $50,000 per head dinner that the Palestinians "have no interest whatsoever" in peace with Israel.

He says that if he was elected president he would just "kick the ball down the field" and "hope that ultimately, somehow, something will happen and resolve it."

"The pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish," he says.

caveats in the holes of the cheese...

Although Romney has spoken skeptically in the past about the prospect for a so-called two-state solution, he has not used the kind of language on the campaign trail that he used in the closed-door fundraiser.

Romney’s hard-line approach at the fundraiser to the Israel-Palestinian conflict is in sync with the view of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has endorsed a two-state solution but with so many caveats that Palestinians say it is not viable. Like Romney, Netanyahu has also questioned the Palestinian leadership’s commitment to reaching a peace agreement.

Romney’s aides defended the candidate’s foreign policy remarks by arguing that there is “no news” in Romney’s comments. They said they are consistent with the policy views Romney already has laid out regarding a two-state solution.

dear governor romney ....

it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years ….

I’d like to say congratulations on winning the republican nomination. But, I wish you stayed in Massachusetts. You’re plan for America isn’t what we need, and would hurt us more than it would help.

First, repealing Obama care and other health plans he’s put in place have helped families across America, including mine. I live in a middle class family, and two years ago my little sister; Kennedy was denied insurance because of her pre-existing condition. This was a huge emotional stress and financial burden on my entire family. Under Obama Care, insurance companies can no longer deny Kennedy and kids like her, the coverage they need and deserve. Because of Obama care my little sister was able to have the several surgeries she needed that helped save her life. Once the President was elected he put Obama Care into action, just like he promised and made it so that you could get insurance with pre-existing conditions. This has made a direct impact on my family. My family is with out a doubt better off now, than we were four years ago!

It is to my understanding that you stated that you were going to repeal Obama Care, including the part I have mentioned, which will take away the insurance we have and need for my sister Kennedy. Why do you think she doesn’t deserve health care? Also, when you were interviewed on “Meet the Press”, you stated that you would NOT repeal this part of Obama Care, but then your campaign backpedalled and on the “Tonight show with Jay Leno”, you said that you WOULD repeal this.

Also, you’re domestic plans (birth control, gay rights etc.) are horrible! Women should get to manage their own health, and if you wonder why you’re not appealing to many women voters, rethink your birth control and women’s’ rights plans. And people should be able to marry whom they want. We built this country so people could have freedom, and not have religious beliefs control them to that length. This country was in no way built on any religion, so we should not create laws that repress the American people in a religious way and hurt our most vulnerable.


Jackson Ripley, age 12

Jackson Ripley