Tuesday 13th of April 2021

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Rotten core

About the death of a couple of old people... Read in the SMH... (22/02/06)
""""""""""Most residents had heard about the couple's death but few knew them personally.

One resident said: "The scary thing is I don't know any of my neighbours. If I knocked on their door they would think I was crazy."


Gus Moans:
Isn't scary? The mean Australia spirit fostered by the scrooge mentality of our Prime Meanster is in full swing here... I know, we do not want to give credit to the Meanster for opening our hearts but we still need to live and know where we live, not just as a piece of real estate of a certain value that writes our present status. We need to know the people who share our streets, or at least our immediate neighbours... our shop-keepers, etc... I know it's hard when every one is working from dawn to dusk and beyond to satisfy the declining returns for our increasing work load... The community spirit has evaporated and concentrated the me me me survival necessities and stylistic desires... Ah Johnnee, the economy is booming — although I would challenge this and say it only survives trough the importation of cheap goods from China and black hole proportion trade deficit — but the core is rotten...