Tuesday 13th of April 2021

the bigoted wombat .....

'I was startled to hear
Prime Minister John Howard of Australia exclaim in a BBC interview last night
that he could not understand why pictures of starving Jewish interns of Bergen
Belsen, Dachau, and Aushwitz had been aired, yet again, by an Australian TV station
a few days ago.  

don't understand what news value there is any longer in showing more pictures
of starving Jews, tortured in these prison camps."  

added that the airing at this time was all the more disturbing that
"people involved in abusing the Jewish concentration camp interns had been
prosecuted and some had even gone to jail" and wondered who benefited from
the re-airing of photos that had shocked the civilized world.  

Howard was also shocked, but shocked that the photos had been published
"unnecessarily", not revolted at the humiliating, disgraceful, vile
acts that they depicted.’ 

John Howard Does
Abu Ghraib