Tuesday 13th of April 2021

it could never happen here, of course .....

‘Britain's New Statesman magazine
has put together a powerful package of stories detailing how the government of
George W. Bush's beloved disciple, Tony Blair, is "persecuting innocent
people, tearing up our freedoms and undermining the judiciary." The basis
of the stories is a new, blistering report from Amnesty International on the
degraded state of civil liberties in the UK today.’ 

Dark Kingdom

or there .....

enemies of freedom will be defeated." - President George W. Bush,

"We have met the enemy and
he is us." - Pogo, 1971" 

The following happened in the
United States of America on Feb. 9 of this year. 

The scene is the Little Falls
branch of the Montgomery County Public Library in Bethesda, Md. Business is
going on as usual when two men in uniform stride into the main reading room and
call for attention. Then they make an announcement: It is forbidden to use the
library's computers to view Internet pornography.

As people are absorbing this, one
of the men challenges a patron about a Web site he is visiting and asks the man
to step outside. At this point, a librarian intervenes and calls the uniformed
men aside. A police officer is summoned. The men leave. It turns out they are
employees of the county's department of Homeland Security and were operating
way outside their authority.’ 

Chilling Threat In Freedom's Land