Tuesday 13th of April 2021

fresh from the trough .....

the Madhouse

Mr Bucket...

Ten years of Johnnee-the-Meanee:
Keeping Appearances like Mrs Bucket... No wonder he’s got to pinch himself every morning...

A flatulent economy...
Housing: a few years of unreal inflated market helped money flow and fill government coffers, coming from concessions (S4000) and other fiddles like talking the economy up when it's flat. Many people are now stuck with mortgages up to the eye-balls and halved telstra shares...
Mining: digging bigger and bigger holes to prop up an ailing manufacturing sector.
Debt: Johnee cleverly shifted an average sized public debt to a massive private debt (huge gap since 1996 between income and borrowing for most people. This giant gap started with Johnnee at the helm).
Rob the poor to pay the rich..
Capitalist Fascism

Trade deficit:
Getting bigger and huger at a rate of more than 2 billion a month. Presently approaching the 300 billion dollars mark
More and more cheap Chinese imports, while we produce less and less.
Reduced manufacturing: shift of employment from the noble “makers” towards the sharp “useless” sector — profitable in the short
turn with activities such as money trading, loan sharking (including credit cards) and insurance.
Encouraging unruly financial market.
“More fun” making money with money rather than producing anything that works...
Basic workers turned into slaves by trimming workers’ rights leading to making us work our guts out while Johnnee shifts the goal posts of retirement and taxation all the time
CEOs earning far more than ever before, outrageously, more often without taking the can when things go wrong. Same for some middle executives who get promoted to CEO level because they screw up at the lower rank and blame others... for it.

A con job on Iraq: John Howard knew that the intelligence on Iraq was faulty and had been manufactured to suit a US invasion. This can be proven despite his constant denials..

Now bleeding, Iraq is at war with itself, possibly with the help of the Yanks financing governmental militias that are doing some killings... Most likely the CIA and other secret Yank organisations are financing, maintaining and encouraging the division, blaming Al Qaeda or Zargawi, all in order to rule and steal its assets in a climate of chaos. Unity or majority democracy in Iraq would mean
a shift towards fundamentalism...

Many porkies and extremely elastic codes of ministerial conduct were used to smooth many of the biggest political scandals in Australian history...

Latest scandal: amnesia
The AWB saga: the Howard Government is swimming in it up to its ears, denying knowing anything while being caught at every turn lying and misleading parliament... But the Liberal numbers in both houses and Johnnee’s refusal to appear in front of the commission prevent a full proper investigation that would see him and many of his ministers fall.

Destruction of the fair go system
Turning the social safety net into a trap with a massive gap.
Destructuring social security and destruction of proper levelling factors by using a stilted user pays principle in education and many other services.

An inhumane approach to humanity
The plight of refugees kept in compounds that are more like concentration camps
Hicks — an Australian left to rot in an illegal US jail.
Torture and death-penalty being publicly refuted while being secretly supported by Johnnee.

A bitter pill
The destruction of Medicare and drug benefit access. The conscience vote on RU486 was a smokescreen for the “freedom” of choice. Other points can be made here when some court cases have been buried.

A few of the other subjects Johnnee has screwed up, ether accidentally or on purpose:
Secret deals

happy anniversary johnnie .....

"Your national greatness,
swelling vanity; your denunciation of tyrants, brass-fronted impudence; your
shouts of liberty & equality, hollow mockery; your prayers & hymns,
your sermons & thanksgivings, with all your religious parade &
solemnity, are, to Him, mere bombast, fraud, deception, impiety & hypocrisy
- a thin veil to cover up crimes which would disgrace a nation of

Frederick Douglass - 1818 - 1895