Tuesday 13th of April 2021

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 From the ABC

The Federal Opposition says cables warning of alleged kickbacks in AWB's wheat contracts tendered to the Cole inquiry yesterday were sent directly to the Prime Minister nearly six years ago.

Labor says the cables dispute Prime Minister John Howard's claim that the first he knew of information suggesting AWB was paying kickbacks to Iraq was long after the oil-for-food program had ended.

Mr Howard has repeatedly told Parliament that he had no knowledge of suggestions AWB might be paying kickbacks until the matter was investigated by the United Nations.

Rodent playing golf?

From the BBC

S Korea PM quits after golf gaffe

Mr Lee has faced criticism before for playing golf during times of crisis

South Korea's Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan has resigned for playing golf when he was supposed to be dealing with a national railway strike.

Mr Lee was criticised by opponents and some newspapers for not overseeing the government response earlier this month.

His resignation, offered to President Roh Moo-hyun on Tuesday, was accepted, South Korea's Yonhap news agency said.

A spokesman for the president said Mr Lee "felt sorry" for the trouble he had caused by acting "indiscreetly".

Mr Lee played the round of golf on a national holiday on 1 March.

But that was also the day when railway workers went out on strike and he was widely criticised for not returning to work.

"Prime Minister Lee said he felt sorry for causing trouble by acting indiscreetly and expressed his intention to resign," presidential spokesman Kim Man-soo told AFP news agency.

Gus shouts "fore!"
Does our Johneee play golf? With AWB execs?
too smart for that I suppose...

foreplay .....

No time Gus ....

The rodent is too busy with his 2 week soiree at the commonwealth games in Melbourne & having already been seriously inconvenienced by having to change from his tracksuit back into his suit to meet Dick Cheney's replacement, Condi Rice.

Condi won't be buying any wheat but will surely be making eyes at Brendan Nelson, suggesting that anyone who doesn't buy the new US strike fighter would have to be a terrorist.  

And the latest word from Kim Beazley's office is that he's thinking of taking-up quail shooting.  

Shooting willy nilly...

Crickey, if Kim takes up quail shooting, he won't hurt a fly but might shoot himself in the foot...