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US Weapons Poison Europe

The author of this piece, reprinted from American Free Press,
is an expert on the environment effects of depleted uranium and has
worked at two US nuclear weapons laboritories.
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By Leuren Moret

A shocking new scientific study by British scientists Dr. Chris Busby and Saoirse Morgan asks: “Did the use of uranium weapons in Gulf War II result in the contamination of Europe?”

High levels of depleted uranium
(DU) have been measured in the atmosphere in Britain, transported on
air currents from the Middle East and Central Asia. Scientists cited
the U.S. bombing of Tora Bora, Afghanistan in 2001 and the “Shock and Awe” bombing during Gulf War II in Iraq in 2003 as one of the main reasons.

In the 1950s the British government had established an air monitoring facility at the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) in Aldermaston to measure radioactive emissions from British nuclear power plants and atomic weapons facilities.

Ironically, AWE was taken over three years ago by Halliburton, which at first refused to release key data as required by law to Busby.

An international expert on low-level radiation, Busby
serves as an official advisor on several British government committees.
He recently co-authored an independent report on low-level radiation
with 45 scientists with the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) for the European Parliament.

Busby was eventually able to get Aldermaston’s air monitoring data from
Halliburton by filing a freedom of information request using a new
British law that became effective Jan. 1, 2005. Critical data from 2003
was missing, however, so he had to obtain the information from the Defence Procurement Agency.

Aldermaston is one of many nuclear facilities throughout Europe that regularly monitor atmospheric radiation levels transported by sand, dust storms and air currents from radiation sources in North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

After the “Shock and Awe” campaign in Iraq in 2003, very fine particles of
depleted uranium were captured along with larger sand and dust
particles in filters in Britain. These particles traveled in seven to
nine days from Iraqi battlefields as far away as 2,400 miles.

The radiation measured in the atmosphere quadrupled within a few weeks
after the beginning of the 2003 campaign, and at one of the five
monitoring locations, the levels twice required an official alert to
the British Environment Agency.

In addition, according to Busby, the Aldermaston air monitoring data provided a continuous record of
depleted uranium levels in Britain from other recent wars.

Extensive video news footage of the 2003 Iraq war, including Fallujah in 2004,
provided evidence that the United States has illegally used depleted uranium munitions
on civilian populations. These military actions are in direct violation
of not only international conventions but also violate U.S. military
law because the United States is a signatory to The Hague and Geneva conventions and the 1925 Geneva Gas Protocol.

Depleted uranium weaponry meets the definition of a weapon of mass destruction
(WMD) in two out of three categories under U.S. Code Title 50, Chapter
40 Sec. 2302. After action mandates have also been violated such as
U.S. Army Regulation AR 700-48 and TB 9-1300-278, which requires
treatment of radiation poisoning for all casualties, including enemy
soldiers and civilians.

In the mainstream press, British officials have attempted to counter the study by blaming the elevated
uranium levels on “local sources.” Anonymous statements by government
scientists used by the media thus far, however, have been contradicted
by evidence disclosed in the report.

Naturally occurring uranium in the crust of the Earth is only 2.4 parts per million and could not
become concentrated to the high levels measured in Britain. As far as
nuclear power plants are concerned, the lowest levels of uranium
measured at monitoring stations around Aldermaston were actually taken
at the facility, which designs and tests nuclear weapons—meaning this
could not possibly be a source.

Atomic weapons facilities would be more likely to produce plutonium contamination, which was not reported as a contaminant.

This wasn’t the first time a noted scientist has discussed global pollution from the use of DU.

Dr. Keith Baverstock, an expert on radiation, exposed a World Health Organization (WHO) cover-up on depleted uranium.
Baverstock leaked an official WHO report that he had written for the
organization but was never published. He warned in the report about the
environmental contamination from tiny DU particles formed from U.S.

In addition, Dr. Katsuma Yagasaki, a Japanese
physicist at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, estimated that
the atomic equivalent of at least 400,000 Nagasaki bombs has been
released into the global atmosphere since 1991 from the use of DU munitions. He said it is mixed in the atmosphere in one year.


As if Busby’s report is not bad enough, a new book by a leading scientist notes who is making billions from nightmare armaments.

Dr. Jay Gould revealed in his book The Enemy Within that the British royal family privately owns investments
in uranium holdings worth over $6 billion through Rio Tinto Mines in
Australia. The mining company was formed for the British royal family
in the late 1950s by Roland Walter “Tiny” Rowland, who was known as the queen’s banker and the master financial manipulator behind billionaire Robert Maxwell’s fortune.*

The Rothschilds are also profiting enormously from their control of the price and supply of uranium globally.

The ubiquitous Halliburton just recently  finished construction of a 1,000-mile railway from the mining area to a port on the north coast of Australia to transport the ore.

The Queen’s favorite American buccaneers, Dick Cheney and the Bush family,
are tied to her through uranium mining and the shared use of DU
munitions in the Middle East, Central Asia and Kosovo.

The role
that such diverse groups and individuals as the Carlyle Group, George
H.W. Bush, former Carlyle CEO Frank Carlucci, Los Alamos and Livermore
labs, and U.S. and international pension fund investments have played
in proliferating depleted uranium weapons is not well known. God save
the queen from her complicity in turning planet Earth into a death star.

Investing in future destruction

From the Guardian

Local authorities investing over £700m in arms trade

Richard Norton-Taylor
Monday May 8, 2006
The Guardian

Almost all local authorities in Britain hold investments in the world's largest weapons companies, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.
The figures show that they invest £723m in 15 of the largest international arms companies. This is more than double what local authorities spend on promoting local enterprise and new businesses across Britain, says the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Caat, which conducted the FoI exercise. It found that 67 of Britain's 99 council pension funds invest nearly £244m in BAE Systems, the UK's largest arms company. One in three council pension funds help to finance the manufacture of nuclear weapons through investments in Lockheed Martin, the world's largest arms company, according to Caat. It says they are investing £20m in Lockheed, which manufactures Trident nuclear missiles for the US and Britain and is a contractor at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment, which produces and maintains the UK's nuclear warheads

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