Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Good Friday- Halliburton Sacrifices For Financial Resurrection

Like the spin-off of "Laverne and Shirley" from Happy Days, Halliburton is about to float KBR on the stock exchange.

Putting in their application on Friday, Halliburton hope to sell of one-fifth of their war and government section.

The UK's Times On Sunday, pre-announcing the sale as it did the float of Carlyle's privatisation of the UK's defence research, tells us that the UK Ministry of defence is the second largest customer of KBR"s departments Government and Infrastructure, the latter of which was formerly run globaly from Adelaide.

In what capacities might Halliburton involved in the Carlyle/Qinetiq UK float?  If the advice was given so that Cheney had a "warm-up" act to prepare potential customers for his "main event' there may be some grumbling in Whitehall.

Personally I can can't wait... Im off to pawn the dog.


hail halliburton .....

more satire from the ‘yes men’

Halliburton Solves
Global Warming


This Halliburton site has little crummy details that lead me to believe it is a fake site (see blog above) — not so much with the intent to deceive but to take the piss out of a global conglomerate that is exploiting war as a way to improve its income... If the site is for real then, Halliburton deserves a ton of brickbats... (they deserve it even if that site is a spoof)...