Sunday 14th of July 2024

wings of justice .....

from buzzflash ….. 

Stephen Colbert doesn't owe
anyone an apology for telling the truth through the use of poised, barbed wit. 

No, George W. Bush owes the
nation an apology for lying, failure, arrogance, intolerance and greed. 

The Washington press corps still
thinks that they are working for Pravda under Soviet Rule or are Royal Court

Bush is an American citizen --
and an adolescent, frat bot, rich kid who has betrayed our contempt. 

The fact that he still has a shred
of presidential credibility with the Washington correspondents is startling and

No matter how much Bush goofs up,
lies, deceives, violates the Constitution, commits illegal acts, allows people
to die and overall screws the average American, as he rewards war profiteers
who are his campaign contributors, the D.C. press corps believes he should not
be confronted with the truth or held accountable. 

This is mindboggling. 

Unless you understand that the
reporters at the Washington Correspondents dinner were sitting with their
editors and teleivison producers, who were sitting with the corporate owners of
big media. 

Reporters don't get fired in D.C.
for, as Colbert noted, writing down what the White House says and uncritically
posting it. They get fired or demoted for pointing out the truth of the Bush

You only get brownie points with
the media corporations who rely on the Bush Administration to help them pass
laws and implement regulations to increase their profits -- you only get
Brownie points if you don't rock the boat and you treat the White House as if
it really is the Royal Court. 

In walks Stephen Colbert, an
unlikely candidate to blow the whole corrupt relationship between the
Washington media and the GOP wide open. 

But in a short, incisive,
waggish, bitterly sardonic presentation -- delivered with poise, confidence and
swagger -- Colbert took the truth to power at the Washington Correspondents
Dinnner on April 29. 

He went from the "gut,"
as he proclaimed, straight to the gut of the fraud that is the Bush
Administration, and the pandering "reporters" who serve as its

BuzzFlash readers, in droves,
nominated Stephen Colbert as the BuzzFlash "Wings of Justice Award"
winner this week. 

Never leaving character, he
cranked up his material to a scathing exposure of the man sitting but a few
feet away from him. 

And then Colbert ended in a
brilliant "gag" video that cried out the one question Bush never can
answer honestly, "Why did we go to war with Iraq?" By the end of the
video, co-starring the heroic and intrepid octogenarian journalist Helen
Thomas, that unanswered question literally became a shriek in the ears of
George W. Bush. 

Brilliant, heroic, a moment of

Wings Of Justice

the malignancy of capital .....

‘Millions of citizens are rightly calling for the
impeachment of George W. Bush due to his criminal and unethical policies. Bush
is a cancer not only on the presidency but upon basic human decency. Any sane
person, regardless how marginal they are, can see that Bush must go and the
sooner the better. However, when Bush is gone the system that produced him will
remain in place, as healthy and viable as ever. It will continue to bear a
plentiful crop of poison fruit, perhaps even more sinister than Bush.

The majority of the people are toiling under the illusion that the moral abyss
of American politics can be reformed and made to serve the people as well as
the public interest. According to this line of reasoning, the malignancy is
principally the result of a few bad apples mixed with the good. If they are
correct, then removing the bad apples will affect a cure. Yet that has never
been the case and it is not the case now. Otherwise, we would not be where we
are today. Consider, for example, that America’s Middle East policy has
remained essentially the same as it is today through eleven presidencies,
consistently yielding the same results.’ 

Fruit Of The
Poison Tree