Friday 14th of June 2024

Did You Meet Scott Parkin While He Was In Australia? You Can Help Him

Parkin , to refresh your memory, was the Halliburton protester deported because ASIO knew that the Pentagon had a file on him.  Embarrasingly for ASIO the file was of Parkin handing out peanut butter sandwiches as a means of protest.

Parkin's Australian legal team and his support group want to hear from those who met the man while he was here.  Your written testimony that Parkin acted non-violently during his sojourn here wiould help to prove his innocence.

Parkin was detained at a Melbourne coffee shop while on his way to help present a workshop on passive non-violent resistance techniques.  The Federal Police and Immigration officers placed him in solitary confinement, then flew him to Los Angeles in the company of two Australian Immigration officers.

Hire of the prison cell,  his airfare and that of the two immigration officers were placed on a bill that Parkin must pay before he could be allowed to re-enter Australia.

A Melbourne court case is underway to prove that Parkin was not a "threat to national security"    If you spent any time with the man, take the time to fill out a statutory declaration form and send it (by Monday May 14) to

Friends of Scott Parkin, PO Box 2152, Fitzroy VIC 3065

 Stat Dec forms can be downloaded from



-Source: Sydney Indymedia 


The devil's brief...

May I indulge and encourage readers of this honorable site to visit the cartoon "The devil's advocate" which was drawn at the time when Scott Parkin was deported by Ruddock's men in tights... At the time too, our glorious grocer was concocting copious doses of "fear" and "morality" for his "control the masses" porky brew. There could have been some Anderson bat juice and some Clowner chunder in it as well.

WE now see his principal mate's Ducky Duck being grilled in the US for having told firm porkies which we, on this site, knew all along were fat porkies but the media at large was buying them like dope at a Nimbin festival.

Actually I was surprised that, during the out of Saddam's armies, the CIA did not send a few scouts in disguise to pepper the Iraq landscape with "remnant of WMDs programs or such..." so that Rummy claims could be verified... But then, either Rummy Ducky thought they had everyone fooled or believed that on closer inspection the "peppering", like "salting old mines with fools gold to lure naive prospective buyers" might be exposed.

We live in a democrapcy where crap is generously spread by our crappy government like fertiliser on a mushroom crop... So porkie management only requires convincing half of the populace plus one voter. anyone else can go fly a kite, jump up and down or get blue in face pointing at the outrageous claims ... the damage's done. In the second pahse of the furphy, the porkyists will ask us to believe "intelligence failures" and to move on with our lives... Haven't we got something better to do that expose their lies? Hey?