Thursday 18th of April 2024

the murder-inc merde-och press..

murderous press

The merde-och press has an unfair advantage in the numbers of people it reaches. The merde-och press publishes murderous crap... the murderous crap in the article above...

It tells many people to believe in falsehood. I know religions have done it for centuries but now is not the time to stray off into crapland, away from proper science.

In this amazingly erroneous article, the Sunday Telegraph of the merde-och press is telling us :

"TORNADO FEARS JUST A LOT OF HOT AIR — Forget the Hollywood disaster movie chiches, new research shows these events are rare and running out of puff, writes Malcolm Holland..."

The first paragraph is utter crap:

CLIMATE change may be altering our weather but it may not necessarily be for the worst, with one leading climate scientist claiming tornadoes may actually be getting weaker... "

Professor Muller is "that leading climate scientist" acclaimed by the Sunday Telegraph... PROFESSOR MULLER IS NOT A LEADING CLIMATE SCIENTIST. HE WOULD HAVE NO IDEA. A professor of physics he is, but a climate scientist he is not... As a leading sceptic about global warming, he has already changed his views that climate change is happening (because the evidence is irrefutable) but now he tells us climate change is not to be feared...


"He said less difference of temperatures between the poles and the equator caused by global warming "could reduce the kind of hot-cold weather front that generate severe storms"...


I am not going to explain this, because it is so erroneous it is ludicrous. A child looking at an ice block melting in glass could debunk Muller's idiotic utterance - PROMOTED AS THE NEW BIBLE OF CLIMATE CHANGE BY THE CRAPPIEST PAPER ON EARTH, The merde-och Sunday Telegraph...

Even the latest events this year have proven to the contrary and the insurance industry would also say otherwise as it has to fork out moneys and raise premiums to pay for the increasing damage — despite ADVANCE WARNINGS of disaster, which mitigates the number of deaths... 

Showing a VOLCANIC eruption on the same page as if it was part of the process is also A MAJOR CON from this dirty rag that is not worth being used as looooopa-paper... It would be unfair for shit to be wrapped in it. You know what I mean...

Millions of people will die from increasing weather extremes as well as rising sea level, contrary to what MULLER — NOT A CLIMATE SCIENTIST — is claiming... 






the crap from the crappiest papers on earth...

If the article above was "balanced" by an equivalent reality check, one could cope a bit more with the ill-wind from the merde-och stable... But it's the same crap day in day out dished on 70 per cent of the printed press of this fair country and often repeated by the other media as the merde-och outfits makes sure they control the agenda...

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! THE AUSTRALIAN MEDIA AND ITS TOOTHLESS ACMA NEEDS TO PULL THE MERDE-OCH PRESS OVER HOT COALS on this issue and on most other issues as well... Mr Murdoch encourages ignorance and falsehoods in very devious ways... TIME TO STAND UP AND SAY NO MORE!!!!



Anyone who reneges on PROPER CO2 emission reductions is a murderer...

Any advertisers found on all the pages of the Crap Telegraph should also be considered murderers — since without them this crap would not be published.

This is very serious.

added time bombs...


Global warming is accumulating in the Earth's climate system at a rate equivalent to about 4 Hiroshima atomic bomb detonations, 2 Hurricane Sandys, or 4 magnitude 6.0 earthquakes per second.

The amount of energy building up on Earth due to human-caused global warming can be difficult to picture. 250 trillion Joules per second sounds like a lot, but what does that mean in terms people can more easily visualize? This widget, created by Bob Lacatena at Skeptical Science, tries to do just that.


At the beginning of this site's existence, I presented global warming calculated in 1994 using a different scale: every year we burn carbon we add approximately thousands (possibly millions) of "years of reactive sequestered solar energy" back into the system (it takes a long time to break up complex carbon molecules into pure carbon — CO2 is a very stable molecule). It's an iffy calculation that is difficult to perform on a slide rule (or a simple calculator) — a calculation that can be out by a factor of ten (or 100) due to estimating the amount of time it takes for decomposing material to become pure carbon or complex carbohydrates, the whole lot being also part of progressive natural geological sequestration over aeons — but it's a calculation that a sophisticated computer program can do. It seems that this widget is close enough in calculating the added energy from burning sequestered carbon back into the system. This "added energy" is responsible for the many cubic kilometres of ice that have been lost in glaciers and ice sheets worldwide (100 cubic kilometres (24 cubic miles) of ice melts in Antarctica alone every year (NASA's Grace satellite) and this is why the oceans have risen 15-19 centimetres since about 1900...

This is what the carbon industry does not want you to know... The "added" energy brought in by human burning "fossil fuels" into the atmosphere/oceans/life reactive "surface" system of the planet... The system is now out of its last recent million years balance: more CO2 in the atmosphere and acidification of oceans plus melting of ice sheets and rising temperatures, possibly reaching dangerous level for life in barely 250 years — 300 years tops.

I could be wrong with my estimates, but I felt I was right.

Should my conceptualisation ("years of reactive sequestered solar energy") expressed above be wrong this does not cancel the fact that global warming is happening... Anthropogenic GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL and faster than most scientists are prepared to admit.

One has to also consider that this extra energy is not uniform in its spread thus EXTREME WEATHER EVENTS can happen more often and with more destructive force.

In my critique above I mentioned that "Showing a VOLCANIC eruption on the same page as if it was part of the process is also A MAJOR CON from this dirty rag"... what I mean here is that though volcanic activity can alter climatic conditions (see 1258 AD) it is an incidental part in weather interference, not part of the long climatic change "catastrophes" presented (glossed over in simplistic ways) in the ST...


Extra note: basically my calculations were to measure the amount of energy subtracted from the possible total carbon equation on the surface of the planet in the atmosphere/oceans/life relationship by natural carbon sequestration over aeons... A natural carbon sequestration that has been reversed by our burning of fossil fuels...

"I lost everything"...



By refusing to be part of a fund to help countries affected by global warming, it voted to let people die in the next storms and in the typhoon that just passed the Philippines... By refusing to acknowledge science on this MOST IMPORTANT subject, THE ABBOTT GOVERNMENT HAS CHOSEN TO BE A MURDERER of now and in the future... taking your conscience with it.

It's all well to "give charity" to help mitigate a crisis, but it does not fix the cause of the problem: GLOBAL WARMING... LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN: GLOBAL WARMING.  G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G ! ! ! it's a reality. 

Abbott supports torture, don't be coy about this... He is a supporter of butchers of humanity in order to achieve outcomes where ruling classes overtake the democratic processes with the help of mates — such as Rupert Murdoch or George Bush. It's not a fallacy... Abbott may not see it this way in his crooked heart, but this is BECAUSE HE COULD BE DUMB and A RELIGIOUS FANATIC.

Australia  — YOUR COUNTRY — has now become the leading irresponsible nation amongst the rich nations of the world — all because of the little dead-shit and the nasty clowns YOU HAVE ELECTED as "rulers". Want your kids to have a better equitable education? The Gonski reform was the way to go... The liars and the rorters in the Abbott's trough are now destroying the joint after having promised blue-in-the-face-cross-my-heart to HONOUR THE Gonski AGREEMENTS... HONOUR? No honour with Abbott... Surprise?... You may be but I am not... It was PREDICTABLE... Yes, just a simple switcheroo from the bunch of nasty fools you have elected... Of course they blame the previous team, but the Gonski reform came from a bi-partisan effort and is worth the candle.

You wanted better internet service? Don't worry, they are destroying the NBN with platitudes of budget constraint, while voting themselves an extra 200 billions gift — in which wait for it, I believe, they will try to reimburse the carbon pricing to those who paid their fair share... THE ABBOTT GOVERNMENT IS FULL OF CON ARTISTS AND MURDERERS by not understanding global warming ... Like the Gonski reforms, they don't want TO KNOW... THEY REFUSE TO KNOW REALITY... They are YOUR deliberate ignoramuses... ARE YOU PROUD? I believe you feel somewhat ashamed of "your" government. Idiotic, flat-footed while being hell-bent on destroying the joint and having no honour whatsoever.

See Foreign Correspondent, ABCTV, on the Philippines typhoon tragedy... "I lost everything"... Do not think it has nothing to do with you... It has to do with the way we have done business, the way we do business and the way we will do business while burning the planet down.

Stop the murder of the planet now. STOP THE IDIOTS IN CANBERRA!! There is no time to waste. 

STOP ABBOTT THE IDIOT.  He is a dangerous man...

of typhoons and radioactivity...

Typhoons that hit Japan each year are helping spread radioactive material from the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the country's waterways, researchers say.

A joint study by France's Climate and Environmental Science laboratory (LSCE) and Tsukuba University in Japan shows contaminated soil gets washed away by the high winds and rain and deposited in streams and rivers.

"There is a definite dispersal towards the ocean," LSCE researcher Olivier Evrard said Wednesday.

The typhoons "strongly contribute" to soil dispersal, he said, though it can be months later, after the winter snow melts, that contamination actually passes into rivers.

An earthquake-sparked tsunami slammed into the Fukushima plant in March 2011, sending reactors into meltdown and sparking the worst atomic accident in a generation.

After the accident, a large number of radioactive particles were flung into the atmosphere, dispersing caesium particles which typically cling to soils and sediment.

Studies have shown that soil erosion can move the radioactive varieties of cesium-134 and 137 from the northern mountains near Fukushima into rivers, and then out into the Pacific Ocean.

Last year, the radioactive content of Japan's rivers dropped due to fairly moderate typhoons.

However, more frequent and fierce storms in 2013 have brought a new flood of caesium particles.

This is "proof that the source of the radioactivity has not diminished upstream" said Mr Evrard.

Tsukuba University has completed a number of studies on Fukushima since November 2011.

Scientists "concentrated mostly on the direct fallout from Fukushima yet this is another source of radioactive deposits" that must be taken into account, he warned.

worst storm in 150 years.....

Nearly two months after devastating blizzards hit parts of South Dakota and Wyoming, farmers are still recovering from the loss of cattle and the effect on their businesses.

The week before the storm, it had been wet and mild and the prairies of the Great Plains were deep in mud.

Then, the first winter snow came early and unexpectedly in an icy blast from the north-west.

Trapped in the mud, 30,000 cattle suffocated and froze to death. They were buried in 20ft (6m) snow drifts, entombed in ice in what ranchers call the "breaks and draws" - the slopes and valleys - of the rolling prairie hills.

Larry Stomprud is a tall, thin cowboy wearing a black leather waistcoat and slim-cut blue jeans. Grey hair peeps from beneath his brown cowboy hat.

He is a tough rancher who has spent half a century herding cattle. But his voice falters and there are tears in his eyes as he describes the devastation on his ranch.

"I looked at my grandfather's records," he says quietly. "It was the worst storm for 150 years." His throat is strangled with anguish and with sadness as he says: "God entrusted us with the care of these animals and we failed them."


Now, some idiotic shit-head in Canberra is not joining the dots... For quite a few years now, scientists have told us that extreme weather (cold and hot) is going to be more prevalent... The reason? Something called "global warming"... Induced by? Humans burning fossil fuels... Is the situation going to improve? No...

So, what are the dots to be joined? 

In the last few years storms have become stronger and more frequent. The prognosis is that we're going to get more arthritic... I mean we're going to get more pain.

See an experiment on the ABC....

Another Sandy? Another Katrina?... Another Black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday?... Another Philippines tragedy? Can these one-in-a-hundred years tragedies repeat next year? Of course they can and repeat the year after that... with a a chance factor of about 75 per cent, when it should only be 1 per cent...

Are we nuts? Of course.

a lot of hot air, hey? the first tornadoes of the season...

At least 17 people have been killed by tornadoes as a huge storm system swept across the central and southern United States.

Sixteen of the victims were in several suburbs of Little Rock in Arkansas, officials said.

One other person was killed in the town of Quapaw in the north-east of Oklahoma where officials said many buildings were badly damaged.

Tornadoes also struck in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

President Barack Obama, on a trip to the Philippines, offered his deepest condolences to those affected and said federal emergency officials would be on the ground to help: "Your country will be there to help you recover and rebuild, as long as it takes."

'Mass casualty situation'

Most of the casualties were in suburbs west and north of Little Rock. The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management said 10 people died in Faulkner County, five in Pulaski County and one in White County.

Mayflower and Vilonia, two small towns in Faulkner County, appear to have borne the brunt of the damage. In Vilonia, the County Sheriff's office spoke of a "mass casualty situation".

The Arkansas tornado touched down about 10 miles (16km) west of the city of Little Rock and left a 40 mile (65km) path of destruction.

It is said to have passed through several northern suburbs - including Mayflower where a witness described a twister half a mile wide crossing Interstate 40 on Sunday evening, the National Weather Service said.


Monday's storms across some of the planet...


Monday's storms across the South and Midwest caused at least three deaths in Limestone Country, Alabama, along with severe property damage, just hours after 18 were killed across three states on Sunday as a result of severe weather, which will continue through Wednesday

Tornadoes touched down across the South on Monday evening, causing at least three deaths in Alabama and serious damage both there and in parts of Mississippi, as a widespread tornado watch was put into effect across the Midwest and South.

Twisters hit dozens of counties in Mississippi and Alabama, with Ohio, Iowa, Tennessee, and parts of Missouri at risk for severe weather. A tornado struck Tupelo, Miss. around 2:45 p.m. on Monday, causing multiple injuries the Weather Channel reports, though none were expected to be fatal. Unfortunately, that was just one of many twisters that struck the area on Monday afternoon and evening.

Meanwhile in Exmouth:


EXMOUTH locals are mopping up today after the town was cut off by floodwaters yesterday.

Roads were closed in Exmouth’s flooded town centre yesterday, as northern parts of WA braced for its first decent downpour since last winter.

Today, locals and State Emergency Services volunteers crews are in recovery mode after 206mm of rain was recorded in a 24-hour period.

The local SES unit received four calls for help since last night and have been busy rescuing stranded people and sandbagging properties.

Emergency services have warned residents to remain vigilant while floodwaters recede.