Saturday 24th of February 2024

A song for the S.A Premier: Fifty Shades Of Jay

jay popinjay .....


(To the tune of "Bound For Botany Bay")

The Premier of South Australia

is a gentleman named Jay Weatherill,

a name that's bloody hard to rhyme,

the choices less than several

and when it's boiling hot outside,

and outside he must stray

that's when you'll find them following him

the Fifty Shades of Jay


CHORUS Singing Tooralay ooralay addity, tooraly sooralay ay,

Tooraly ooraly addity, the Fifty Shades Of Jay


There's MPs with Minister's Portfolios

all melting like waxwork dolls

and here comes a marginal backbencher

for a photo will help his poor polls

There's always the Premier's Chief-Otf-Staff

and the Cabinet Media Pool

making double the salary of journalists

for a writer is noboby's fool




Jay's bosses all live in Houston Texas

They think he's a bit of a joke

All they're after is Business As Usual

and they like ths Marshall bloke.

If I had the wings of a Piping Shriek

I'd soar on my wings so high

right over the balconies of Parliament House

and shit in this Government's Eye


Singing Tooralay ooralay addity, tooraly sooralay ay,

Oo Roo to the Premier and his henchmen, the Fifty Shades Of Jay