Friday 24th of May 2024

South Australia's Emperor Of Democracy

With apologies to Gibert and Sullivan 
When I was a lad, I served a term at writing words in Murdoch's firm. 
I made the coffee and swept the floor, 
and polished up the handle on Rupert's front door. 
Yes I polished that handle so carefully, 
that one day I became the State's A-G 
(refrain) He polished that handle so carefully, 
and now he's here for all to see)

Attorney-General was a lark. though the DPP thought me a jerk. 
I blocked the gamers' laws with fear, 
and I made people sit to drink their beer
(chorus: and didn't make a lot of friends, we fear) 
With Latin I showed my supremacy, and now I'm the the Speaker of Democracy 
(chorus: Strangling freedoms seems to be the way to be a Speaker of Democracy)

My local seat is safe and sure, as Speaker I' am Politics Pure 
Selected a candidate and helped her with care,
now I have the mouth of the local Mayor.
(she'll speak his words with extra care). 
I've built an Empire on votes, you see,
and now I'll wallow in my own glory
(Chorus: What comes next, let's wait and see, for the Emperor of Democracy?)

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