Tuesday 26th of September 2023

Froggy Finance

You can talk of trading currency, share markets and stuff
but here's way to know we're screwed that's adequate enough
Forty hours a week you go out working like a dog
and then the bastards go and shrink the size of of your Freddo Frog

Chocolate is spendable, as everybody knows
Whenever things are plentiful, interest in it grows
It's value's more important than the price of a mug of grog
and then the bastards go and shrink the size of your Freddo Frog

"Economies" the TV says "are purely psychological"
Perhaps we need to give the folks who make the Freddo frog a call?
It's bad enough we're wandering through such thick financial fog-
and then the bastards go and shrink the size of your Freddo frog.

so much for a lower dollar .....

and not a peep from COAG .....


Cadbury has shaved 20 per cent off Freddo - but the recommended retail price has not dropped.

The basic treat is 12g, trimmed from 15g. Two years ago, main variety Freddos were 20g.

Cadbury’s global parent company, Mondelez, blamed higher costs. It does not set retail prices.

“We’re making a change to the size of the product because of manufacturing cost increases that we can no longer absorb,” spokesman Julian Polachek said.

A sharp-eyed shop owner tipped off the Herald Sun to the latest reduction.

He noticed the lighter weight on plain frog labels when a fresh batch recently arrived.

“We were not notified and our wholesale cost did not change.” he said.

The slimmer Freddo coincides with Cadbury’s chopped Dairy Milk family chocolate blocks.

It announced in February a standard block would drop from 220g to 200g.

Freddo frogs cut down to smaller size, but price has not dropped