Tuesday 21st of May 2024

crazy uncle pat .....

‘US evangelical leader Pat
Robertson labels Islam, "a bloody, brutal kind of religion," on the
Christian Broadcasting Corporation’s televised 700 Club. Commentator Ann
Coulter writes in the Jewish World Review that "[T]he government should
be spying on all Arabs, engaging in torture as a televised spectator
sport." Civilized people would like to believe that Coulter is an
anomalous hatemeister, lurking from the shadows of an ill-designed blogsite,
with iron crosses and ads for assault knives in the sidebars. But Coulter is a
welcome guest on cable TV giants like Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN, and her column
is syndicated by UPI.

James Madison, a founding father
and fourth president of the United States, wrote, "When tyranny and
oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign
enemy." For the sake of the republic, Madison would have been unswayed by
the tinhorn patriotism and the anti-Muslim (in effect, anti-American) rants of
today’s media.’

America, Is Your Soul

Dead and bleeding souls

From the ABC

Gunmen kill 40 in Baghdad rampage (Sunday 9th July 2006)
Up to 40 people, including women and children, have been killed when Shiite gunmen went on a rampage against residents in predominantly Sunni districts of Baghdad, Interior Ministry and police sources say.

It was the worst outbreak of sectarian violence to date in the capital, which has seen hundreds of bodies dumped in the streets over past months amid worsening communal bloodshed.

Baghdad's Yarmuk hospital said it had received at least 17 bodies.

The Interior Ministry said it had transferred 20 bodies to the hospital.

"Gunmen are killing Sunni civilians according to their identity cards," an Interior Ministry source told Reuters.