Sunday 23rd of January 2022

shit floats or plays submarine while the aussie populace is waiting to be hit with a baseball bat...


shit floats

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews has appointed an expert advisory panel to oversee the so-called "competitive evaluation process" for the Navy's future submarine fleet.

The four-member panel includes former US secretary of the navy Donald Winter, as well as a former Federal Court justice, and the chair of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

"This competitive evaluation process is due to have the bids finalised by the three potential partners — Germany, France and Japan — by the end of the year," Mr Andrews said.

"In the first part of next year we expect to make a decision about the preferred international partner."

Amidst growing suspicions that a Japanese option is being favoured, Mr Andrews said the panel would ensure the assessment "is conducted in accordance with probity and accountability principles".

South Australia's Defence Industries Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith welcomed the appointments but said the announcement failed to address the key question of where the subs would be built.

"The Australian public are waiting with baseball bats for any Federal Government that refuses to build these submarines and surface ships in Australia," he said.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon said the competitive evaluation process "has been exposed to be a farce".

"I have no doubt that the fix is in, that Japan will end up building the subs overseas because that is the wish of the Prime Minister and his key advisors."

Mr Andrews insisted all three bidders would be treated "fairly and equitably".

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why "yet" another panel?...


Australia already has a DEFENCE panel.. Why add another panel — except to pay through the nose for an answer the government already knows the answer to, but wants to appear "fair and equitable"... 


Australia's defence policy is founded on the principle of self-reliance in the direct defence of Australia, but with a capacity to do more where there are shared interests with partners and allies.


Strategic Direction

The Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence have announced that Defence will produce a new White Paper to be completed in 2015.

Defence White Papers are the Government's most important guidance about Australia's long-term defence capability. They provide an opportunity for the Government and community to understand the opportunities and challenges for Australia's future defence and security needs.

The 2015 Defence White Paper will align defence policy with military strategy and deliver an affordable Australian Defence Force structure. It will be a whole-of-governement product that reflects the Government's overall strategic, national security, fiscal and broader policy priorities.

Following the release of the 2015 Defence White Paper, Defence will publish a 10-year Defence Capability Plan and a Defence Industry Policy Statement to provide defence industry with greater certainty about the Government's key priorities and timeframes.

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But then you know you're in good hand when Sophie Mirabella is a non-executive director of the Australian ship building company ASC...

The Abbott government has appointed former Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella to the board of the government-owned naval shipbuilding firm ASC Pty Ltd.

Mrs Mirabella, who lost her Victorian seat of Indi at the September election despite the landslide Coalition victory, was one of three new appointments to the board announced on Tuesday.

ASC Pty Ltd, formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation, is the government-owned firm responsible for troubled major projects including the Air Warfare Destroyer and Collins Class submarine



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apparently, the shipyards are allowed to build some canoes...


The Federal Government has detailed its plans to build $40 billion worth of new surface ships for the Navy in South Australia but the Prime Minister would not be drawn on where the service's next generation of submarines will be built.

Tony Abbott announced the new surface ships would be built at Osborne in Adelaide on Tuesday.

The Government will build a fleet of frigates at the ASC shipbuilding yard from 2020, and a further fleet of Offshore Combatant Vessels (OCV) from 2018, with the start dates for both projects brought forward.

Defence Minister Kevin Andrews said total acquisition costs were in the order of $89 billion.

This includes $50 billion that is expected to be spent on submarines, with France, Germany and Japan all competing for the contract.

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This Turdy government is spending more cash than grows on trees for unnecessary toys to amuse the machos of the armies... Meanwhile, the NBN which would have cost far less, would have been finished by 2019, while Turdy's canoes would not even start quitting the drawing board before 2020... Here we are, with the Telstra copper network going down the gurgler daily so badly that the management has decided to only fix it with coat hanger wires and band-aids until a change of government. Meanwhile, the Adelaide shipyard will just fiddle with the present rust-buckets, but it won't be allowed to tender for the new unnecessary Aussie submarines "which have already been allocated to Japan" (Gus' belief) under a secret Free Trade deal in exchange for cow hooves and offals — plus a lot of cash...

It could actually be cheaper for the Navy to buy a couple of cheap NEW aircraft carriers from the French... and then downgrade them in Adelaide to Aussie standards...

This announcement which of course was planned for the next election was brought forward due to the Scuttling of SS Bronwyn off the waters of Dee Why. The captain, a certain B Bishop, has been offered a place in one the many retirement villages dotting the shoreline — specially built for the most fortunate (full of cash) gentry.

"This is not a cynical announcement" promised Turdy, from under a yellow hard hat, just in case a hammer accidentally fell from the sky.

See Toon at top...

underwater canoes...


Federal Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has given his strongest indication yet that a full domestic build of Australia's next fleet of submarines will take place in Adelaide.

During an interview on 891 ABC Adelaide this morning, the SA-based MP said he wanted the State and Federal Governments to work together.

"The SA Government and Federal Government, will come up [with] a proposal, I hope, for a full domestic build at Osborne," he said.

Firms from Germany, France and Japan are competing to build the submarines after former prime minister Tony Abbott broke his pre-election promise in 2013 and put the tender out to what he called a "competitive evaluation process".

The South Australian Government wants the Coalition to honour its previous commitment to build the replacement to the Collins Class fleet at Techport, the shipbuilding facility it owns at Osborne in Adelaide.

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New plans?... Underwater canoes?... See toon at top. Andrews has bitten the dust since...


I did not see this one coming...

Japan, one of the three bidders for Australia’s $20bn future submarine project, has signalled it is willing to perform construction work in Australia in a development that could ease community concerns about jobs going offshore.

The new industry minister, Christopher Pyne, whose South Australian seat had been under threat over the issue, said he was pleased the bidders were detecting the government’s preference to maximise the construction done in Australia.

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