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BREAKING NEWS: Israel Strikes Refugee Shelter


Israeli airstrike bombs refugee shelter; Between 20 to 65 feared dead. Details soon.



Dozens killed, wounded in Israeli airstrike



Sunday, July 30, 2006 Posted: 0738 GMT (1538 HKT)

TYRE, Lebanon (CNN) -- An Israeli airstrike hit a four-story residential building used as a shelter by Lebanese refugees in the southern Lebanese town of Qana Sunday morning, killing and wounding more than 65 people, a Lebanese emergency official said.

The official -- speaking live on Al-Arabiya TV -- said the bodies of 15 dead had been pulled from the rubble but rescuers lacked the heavy equipment to remove an estimated 50 people still trapped under the collapsed building.

"We can't do anything for them under the rubble because we do not have the right equipment," the unidentified official said.

A Lebanese security official told CNN that between 20 and 40 are known dead.

Most of the dead were gathered in the basement of the building when it was hit by a missile, the official said. Women and children were among the dead, he said.

Video broadcast by Arab TV showed the limp and bloodied bodies of woman and children who appeared to be wearing night clothes. Many of these bodies were under rubble in the basement of the building.


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