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In 1899, the Boer War was started. Though it was the second Boer War, it is still referred to as the Boer War. Aussie troops were invited to participate in the name of the glorious Empire. The British Empire. You can find sky-pointing war monuments in most Aussie "towns", even those bush-holes with less than half a pub and two horses, with inscriptions dedicated to the remembrance of the men who sacrificed their glorious life to this war. The Boer War.

A certain Cecil Rhodes had conned the natives by ruse and by force into giving up their lands. Rhodes was not a nice guy, devious but working wonders for the Empire. By then, the restless Dutch settlers, the Boers, had to fight the foreigners, or Uitlanders as they were known, and wanted independence. There were mountains of diamonds and rivers of gold at stakes. The empire needed to stop this insurgency — and cash-in on the African loot. 
Wikipedia explains the Boer deed with an utmost seriousness that I can't muster:

The complex origins of the war resulted from more than a century of conflict between the Boers and the British Empire, but of particular immediate importance was the question as to which nation would control and benefit most from the very lucrative Witwatersrand gold mines.[7] During the Napoleonic Wars, a British military expedition landed in the Cape Colony and defeated the defending Dutch forces at the Battle of Blaauwberg (1806).[8] After the war, the British formally acquired the colony (1814), and encouraged immigration by British settlers who were largely at odds with the Dutch settlers. Many Boers who were dissatisfied with aspects of British administration, in particular with Britain's abolition of slavery on 1 December 1834,[9] elected to migrate away from British rule in what became known as the Great Trek.[8]

The Trekkers initially followed the eastern coast towards Natal and then, after Britain annexed the Natal in 1843, journeyed northwards towards the interior. There they established two independent Boer republics: the South African Republic (1852; also known as the Transvaal Republic) and the Orange Free State (1854). The British recognised the two Boer republics in 1852 and 1854, but attempted British annexation of the Transvaal in 1877 led to the First Boer War in 1880–81. After the British suffered defeats, particularly at the Battle of Majuba Hill (1881), the independence of the two republics was restored subject to certain conditions; relations, however, remained uneasy.

In 1866 Erasmus Jacobs discovered diamonds at Kimberley, prompting a diamond rush and a massive influx of foreigners to the borders of the Orange Free State. Then in 1886, an Australian discovered gold in the Witwatersrand area of the South African Republic. Gold made the Transvaal the richest and potentially the most powerful nation in southern Africa; however, the country had neither the manpower nor the industrial base to develop the resource on its own. As a result, the Transvaal reluctantly acquiesced to the immigration of uitlanders (foreigners), mainly from Britain, who came to the Boer region in search of fortune and employment. This resulted in the number of uitlanders in the Transvaal potentially exceeding the number of Boers, and precipitated confrontations between the earlier-arrived Boer settlers and the newer, non-Boer arrivals.

British expansionist ideas (notably propagated by Cecil Rhodes) as well as disputes over uitlander political and economic rights resulted in the failed Jameson Raid of 1895. Dr. Leander Starr Jameson, who led the raid, intended to encourage an uprising of the uitlanders in Johannesburg. However, the uitlanders did not take up arms in support, and Transvaal government forces surrounded the column and captured Jameson's men before they could reach Johannesburg.[10]

As tensions escalated, political manoeuvrings and negotiations attempted to reach compromise on the issues of the rights of the uitlanders within the South African Republic, control of the gold mining industry, and the British desire to incorporate the Transvaal and the Orange Free State into a federation under British control. Given the British origins of the majority of uitlanders and the ongoing influx of new uitlanders into Johannesburg, the Boers recognised that granting full voting rights to the uitlanders would eventually result in the loss of ethnic Boer control in the South African Republic.

The June 1899 negotiations in Bloemfontein failed, and in September 1899 British Colonial Secretary Joseph Chamberlain demanded full voting rights and representation for the uitlanders residing in the Transvaal. Paul Kruger, the President of the South African Republic, issued an ultimatum on 9 October 1899, giving the British government 48 hours to withdraw all their troops from the borders of both the Transvaal and the Orange Free State, albeit Kruger had ordered Commandos to the Natal border in early September and the British only had troops in garrison towns far from the border,[citation needed] failing which the Transvaal, allied to the Orange Free State, would declare war on the British government. The British government rejected the South African Republic's ultimatum, resulting in the South African Republic and Orange Free State declaring war on Britain.[citation needed]"


Here, in the story depicted by the image at top, we are also looking at the role of the natives and how we whitewash our righteousness by painting them black. And I mean with a black soul, sneakier and more devious than us — us being full of the Christian upright "moralitee" in search of gold like the conquistadors. The trick is as old as antiquity. This righteous propaganda trick is still used today to define characters we rejects and characters we associate with — and our own worth. 

For example presently, 98 per cent of the world's terrorism is performed by Sunnis — the Wahhabis aligned with Saudi Arabia. I have no idea as to what else but oil, the Saudis have over the Empire — the American Empire. But the American Empire licks the boots of the Saudis and reject the Shiites daily, Shiites, who to say the least have not performed terrorism like the Sunnis have and are responsible for 9/11. 

Oh I see... the US still needs a foe. this foe is Moscow. Moscow is aligned with the Shiites. So there you know the rest of the bizo, by deduction. The disinformation channels work overtime from CNNN to FOXNUZ. The western media and western politics are controlled by the Yankees to destroy Moscow by whatever means. Moscow is good so far at foiling the attempts, but the Yankees are upping the edges all the time. 

Many of the Europeans are starting to ask why are we involved in this shit? But the propaganda is strong. And the refugee problem, mainly created by the US supporting "moderate" loonies (various "moderate" factions of Sunni Al Qaeda and Al Nusra) in Syria and at the origin of the biggest exodus since WWII, is distracting the Europeans sideways. 

But I digress.

Here I was trying to point out that in order to "define" an enemy, one has to use propaganda to blacken the soul of the said "enemy". Assad gets his fair share of crap. Putin gets bashed daily by the Western media, while those who have the most restrictive laws on the planet, the Sauds, get our embrace. We clean their dunnies...

I digress again. I was saying that in order to paint the black natives blacker than black, legends of their ruthlessness and viciousness were told and published. It is more an exercise in cleaning our own souls for the bad deed we perform in killing them (methodically) to acquire their land, for glory and cash. Nothing new. 

Here at top we have an old story (re)published in the Daily Mirror in 1958, about a black "King", Lobengula. 


Did you ever see a chameleon catch a fly? The chameleon gets behind the fly and remains motionless for some time, then he advances very slowly and gently, first putting forward one leg and then the other. At last, when well within reach, he darts his tongue and the fly disappears. England is the chameleon and I am that fly."

— Lobengula[4]
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Lobengula was a smart guy. He was smart enough to know what was going to happen. So the legend to blacken his name goes like this: Lobengula had an enormous amount of loot, gathered from using slaves and ransacking other tribal lands. As he sensed the approach of the British which he knew he could not fight, he collected his loot, half a billion dollars worth in today's value, and buried it in a place that no-one can ever find. To perform this feat, he employed slaves that he killed ruthlessly after the deed. This is our moral cleanser. Lobengula is wicked and deserved to die.

Of course since NO-ONE has ever found the treasure, the story lives on... But it seems the story only comes from ONE witness, a "half-caste", who to say the least had "lost his marbles" and would have told the story of the treasure to the British in order to maintain his value to "stay alive". 

The story is a bit like Lasseter's Reef... Never to be found, but in this case, on top of a dream of richness, it gives us the absolution to our own sins of wars. We're not as black as "he" (the black guy) is... Amen.

So, it continues. And we keep on blackening souls for profits, with absolution. What can be better than this?

Gus Leonisky

Your local atheist who does not believe in souls — especially clean ones.


the hidden loot...



dewriting history...

At North Michigan University, students can discover how to “decolonize” their diet. That means learning “about where the common foods and ingredients come from, what a ‘decolonizing diet’ is, and how they can incorporate the diet into their daily lives.”

Meanwhile, the editors of the American Historical Review have announced plans to decolonize the journal and confront its “past lack of openness to scholars and scholarship due to race, color, creed, gender, sexuality, nationality and a host of other assigned characteristics.”

In the UK, London’s School of Oriental and African Studies has announced plans to “decolonize” its degree courses following high-profile student campaigns such as “Why is My Curriculum White?” that are critical of “the domination of white ‘Eurocentric’ writers and thinkers.” Last year, students at Reed College protested the Eurocentrism of their Introduction to Humanities course. At Yale Universitystudents petitioned for the removal of a course in Major English Poets that featured, surprisingly enough, mostly white men. Thanks to their efforts, that course has now been downgraded to optional.

The fight to decolonize Harvard led to the removal of the Royal family seal, for fear that it might “evoke associations with slavery.” At the University of Oxford a plaque honoring Cecil Rhodes, the British imperialist who established the Rhodes Scholarships, has been taken down. At Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada, professors can take a course in decolonizing education in order to “understand indigenous perspectives in the history of colonization to contemporary realities in Canada.” All around the world, universities are decolonizing courses, buildings, libraries, and reading lists.


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