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News Corp editor Col Allan to retire after four decades at helm of Murdoch papers

Gruff and politically incorrect, Allan ruled Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and the New York Post and was responsible for the most tabloid of tabloid front pages

Amanda Meade
Friday 15 April 2016 14.03 AEST
Rupert Murdoch’s longest-serving editor, Australian journalist Col Allan, is retiring after a four-decade career in which he aggressively ruled both Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and the New York Post.

Nicknamed Col Pot when he was editor-in-chief of the Daily and Sunday Telegraph in the 1990s, the gruff, politically incorrect Allan is at the centre of some of the more spectacular stories of modern journalism as well as wielding significant political influence.

Along the way he was responsible for some of the most tabloid of tabloid front pages in Australia and the US.

One of those notorious front pages was 2013’s “Bag Men: Feds seek these two pictured at Boston Marathon”, a Post story which claimed the two men of Arabic appearance were being sought by authorities, which quickly turned out to be false.

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The cartoon from Molnar (published in the SMH), 1959, at top, illustrates exactly was has been going on with some of the press... Bullshit. Greasy bullshit wrapped in newspaper paper.