Sunday 23rd of January 2022

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Turnbull's ambition is boundless.

He came to the job of Prime Minister determined to change not only the Government and the way it did business, but the nature of politics itself.

He resisted advice from colleagues to go to an election soon after he became Prime Minister, because he did not wish to be seen as a cheap political opportunist.

He opted instead — in the end — for the longest election campaign in memory despite every historical precedent shrieking that long campaigns are very bad news, especially for leaders who have not fought any campaigns at all before.

He wanted to end the bitterness and negativity of Australian politics, and tackle personally the accelerated news cycle by making decisions in a slow and deliberative way, not driven by ideology or expediency or panic in the face of the daily media churn.

All these decisions violated, in their own way, certain rules of politics.

Never have a long campaign.

Always go to an election when you're best placed to win it.

Feed the media beast, or it will feed on you.

But Malcolm Turnbull, in all his years, has never been one to obey convention.

In business and in law, his most distinctive feature was his capacity for deep insurrection to the orthodoxies of his environment.

His faith — very often justified, it must be said — was that brilliance and force could overcome such barriers.

And when he became Prime Minister he intended, by sheer force of personality, to transform a political culture that has broken half a dozen prime ministers in a decade.

He's always aimed high.

This is an edited extract from Stop at Nothing by Annabel Crabb. Published by Black Inc. on Wednesday, May 18.



Should the ABC advertise Crabb's pronouncements propping up Turdball? Is this going against its editorial policies? Are Crabb's opinions worth more than two farts on a Sunday afternoon? Is global warming coming to bite us in the bum within a few short years? Should we hail Emperor Turdball because La Crabb does with what seems to be a nazi salute? is Australia the pits of politics because we're actually quite well off considering the very low political intellect we harbour in Kambra? Should we accept that Turdball's budget delivered by ScotMo is a master piss, in which trickle down is like a golden shower? Is turdball really a techno whizz when he decimates our most important scientific organisation which is the envy of the world?

Turdball is a little shit with quite pronounced sociopathic traits. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL. Kick Turnbull in the balls.


the turnbull is a philistine...


The Australian arts community has spent the weekend reeling after what’s been labeled ‘Black Friday’ by the industry.

More than 60 small to medium Government funded arts companies are facing an uncertain future after their latest funding applications were rejected.

The news follows funding cuts of $60 million from the Australia Council's budget over... a four year period.

One of the casualties is the PACT Centre for Emerging Artists - which has worked with artists in the early stages of their career for 52 years.

In a statement, the Centre says they’ll have to cut a number of programs, and maybe even close their doors forever.

Comedian Zoe Coombs-Marr, who won the prestigious Barry award at Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year, is one of PACT’s alumni.

She took to facebook on the weekend to vent about the cuts.

“Without Pact, and then New Wave, I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing. It formed a crucial part of my education... I owe my career to them”.

The literary journal Meanjin, founded in 1940, has also been left in dire straits.


Meanwhile Annabel Crabb can survive because she eats in all the trough available in town, from the ABC to Fairfax. On the level of artistic deployment, Crabb is more of a vegetable with foliage ready to be cooked for a buck rather than a proper artistic entertainer... I forgot: she is a journalist. Yep....