Saturday 9th of December 2023

the money men ...

the money men ...

Turnbull & Morrison are Australia’s leading tax minimisation consultants, specialising in reducing the tax obligations of some of our biggest companies.

In the 2014/15 financial year, Turnbull & Morrison helped 679 public and private entities with combined revenues of $462,143,275,019 pay 0 per cent tax. We’ve have helped over a third of Australia’s largest companies pay no tax for the last two financial years.

Our specialist consultants will work with your business to reduce your tax liabilities by cutting staff and resources at the ATO, freezing wage grown, removing penalty rates and safe working conditions, and regularly distracting the public with sensationalised stories of dole-bludgers, welfare cheats and Australia having a problem with spending rather than revenue.

We’re are proud to have helped make Australia a nation where corporations pay an average tax rate of 16.2 per cent, less than a working nurse.

Some of our largest non-tax paying clients include:

News Corp, who paid less than 1 per cent tax on $2.7 billion in reported income in 2013/14 and no tax at all on $2.8 billion in 2014/15.

Qantas, who have paid just over $200,000 tax on over $30 billion of income over the last two financial years.

The Tech industry, where last year Apple paid 1.7 per cent tax on $8.3 billion in revenue, Google paid 2.7 per cent on $438 million, and Microsoft paid 4.9 per cent on $639 million.

The Resources and Energy sector, with nearly 60% of mining and energy companies paying no tax last year. We’ve also helped the industry by giving them over $4 billion a year in taxpayer funded subsidies, abolishing carbon pricing and ending competition from the renewable energy sector.

Other satisfied clients include Virgin Australia, Bluescope Steel, Treasury Wine Estates, Nine Entertainment, Downer EDI and Wilson Security.

Turnbull & Morrison are proud sponsors of the Murdoch Trust, who are also proud sponsors of us. We are grateful for the opportunity to support the Murdoch Trust’s philanthropic work promoting corporate-friendly policies in governments around the world.

At Turnbull & Morrison’ we’re working hard to reduce the burdens of transparency, accountability and responsibility. You won’t find a better team to keep your expenses down, your obligations to a minimum and your loopholes wide open.

So if you’re a public or foreign-owned company with a total income of $100 million or more, a private entity with a total income of $200 million or more, or one of our mates at the IPA, contact Turnbull & Morrison today for an obligation free quote. Our friendly innovative team will be sure to exceed your expectations.

At Turnbull & Morrison wealth always comes first.

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