Tuesday 24th of May 2022

The Sound of the Trump

One by one the Facebook friends fell
their green lights gone forever
as cities burned at the gates of hell
the smug, content and clever
saw the missiles fill their skies
and hurried to their Testament
some meaning to it all to prise
and there they read their President
would gather them up, one and all
and take them up to heaven
The sound of the Trump, the final call
to the War of Armageddon

  Hi John I need help

  Hi John I need help with a prob- when the new password funchtion directs you to edit there are no fields to type into.  Means I can only log in a day at a time.  Very keen to do more regular writing.  Is it possible, from the back room to give me a permanent password and email it to me at richard_tonkin@hotmail.com.  
Would be much appreciated!