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sub-standard ...

sub-standard ...

What an unholy mess this Conservative Government has made of the governance of this country. If you cast your mind back to when Tony Abbott was the Opposition Leader he spent the whole four years entirely devoted to the destruction of Labor. He achieved it and some say he was the best Opposition Leader ever. (Whatever the criteria was I have never understood). But in doing so he came to the job without policies and without a plan for Australia’s future. Since 7 September 2013 not a clear narrative have we heard from anyone in the Coalition.

Abbott, like all conservatives believed that just being in power would be sufficient to erase Australia’s problems. He lived in a fool’s paradise with no answers to the difficulties we will confront in the future. The future of jobs, of the rising cost of health, of pensions, the future with climate change, the future need for equality of opportunity, particularly in schools and the need for infrastructure policy with a growing population. Indeed population itself.

An observation.

“The ideas of today need to be honed with critical reason, factual evidence and scientific methods of enquiry so that they clearly articulate the currency of tomorrow.”

We thought that the answer might have come with the emergence of Malcolm Turnbull. Sure he did us a favour with the removal of Tony Abbott but he has since, by his capitulation to the extreme right-wing of his party, proven that he is in fact one of them.

Like Abbott he too came to power without a thought for the future, only for his desire of self-fulfilment. Now he governs like a leader not knowing his left hand from his right. He and his ministers, even after four years in power, continually blame Labor for every failure from the smallest thing to the largest.

It’s the same in  the US with the Republicans having had 7 years to construct a health bill and when the time came to present it they were found wanting. Especially as they came up with a plan that would see 25million of the poorest people without insurance. They had spent the 7 years trying to bring down Obamacare without having a ready-made replacement. What fools they are.

We have a government in survival mode governing in an ad hoc manner on a day-to-day basis. It makes decisions depending on the crisis of the day. No energy plan so blame Labor for closing Hazelwood. Announce an enquiry about the cost of power. Doesn’t matter if it doesn’t report for 12 months.

Announce a dubious Snowy Hydro scheme. It doesn’t matter how it fits into a non-existing National Energy plan. I mean what sort of Government would suddenly discover it didn’t have one.  All they are doing now is creating the illusion that you are doing something.

Bill Shorten doesn’t do anything other than reinforce all the negativity. He is good at doing it too. Malcolm Turnbull’s personal approval continues to languish and Tony Abbott is peaking around the corner waiting for another opportunity to tell everyone that there all his policies.

Meanwhile the Government gets further behind in the polls.

Alan Austin writing for the New Daily summed up their economic performance:

Late last Friday, Australia’s Treasury quietly released a nifty statistic. It revealed that government gross debt is now $483,080,000,000.00. That’s $483.1 billion.

Of this, $213.1 billion has been added by the Coalition since the 2013 election. This is more than the Labor governments of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard added in their six years and nine months.

In other words, the Abbott and Turnbull governments have now officially doubled Labor’s gross debt.

With the budget but weeks away the Government doesn’t even know it the Business tax breaks will go ahead. “We have a plan,” they said. Remember when everything was on the table? It was like a menu at a mad hatter’s convention. All you can say now is that the service is bloody awful.

An observation.

“The problem with leaving so much on the table is that you can leave an enormous mess to clean up later.”

We have had a sort of debate about 18c and what the protagonists want to say that they can’t say now has not yet been answered. What was that my mother said? “If you can’t say something nice then shut your mouth.”

If there is a plan maybe it involves a sustained character assassination of Bill Shorten, cancelling the tax cut and instead using the money to buy votes and put, with the Senates help, the changes to 18c in a lead box at the back of a remote store-room.

He has to cancel the tax cuts even at the risk of being hailed a back flipper. The reason is that he has no comeback to the very simple argument that you can’t possibly give handouts to the rich and privileged of this magnitude while at the same time taking from the poorest of society.

I hesitate to give Turnbull too much credit for having an actual strategy. I’ve done that before and come off badly.

If it is a strategy it is a recipe with so many ingredients that too much or too little of whatever will ruin the end result. If it retains the cuts in the budget knowing that the Senate would never pass them then we again have voodoo economics and the government stands to be accused of just bumbling along with no idea of what they are doing.

In my view the Prime Minister has about 6 months to show the electorate that he is a worthy leader of the nation. It’s a hard task when you are being told what to do by others, but do it he must.

Rarely in Australia do parties get less than six years in office meaning oppositions have the same in opposition? Surely 6 years is enough to put together a coherent plan for the future of the nation. If they don’t then they have been sitting on their arses at the taxpayer’s expense.

Day to Day Politics: Oh what a bloody mess they have made


captain bligh from HM wentworth...


It has all become very clear. Inspired by Donald Trump, Malcolm Turnbull is on a mission to make Australia great again.

However, since Australia is already pretty darned good, he will first have to destroy the country in order to save it. As many villages in Vietnam may attest, this is another fine American tradition.

Yes, Malcolm Turnbull is the prime minister we needed to have. Largely because he was the only alternative at the time to Tony Abbott, who was the prime minister we should never have had and wished we never did — but that’s another story.

Malcolm Turnbull is determined to make Australia great again, or his middle name isn’t Bligh.

The original Bligh, as you may recall, was a British naval captain who was despised by his crew before suffering a mutiny and being put into lifeboat to perish. Like Captain Bligh, Turnbull also suffered a mutiny in his first leadership roleand almost perished from politics. However, he stayed the course and eventually reached Australia top job. Like Turnbull, William Bligh also went on to lead the colony, where was soon similarly detested. Bligh was, in relatively short order, deposed, arrested and replaced as chief panjandrum. It is here the comparison may diverge, with Turnbull likely to escape imprisonment.

Malcolm TurnBull screwed HIH, conning them with a dud.

Why would anyone think he isn't conning them now?!!#auspol

— FairGo‼️ (@johndory49) March 27, 2016


Malcolm Turnbull will make Australia great like he made himself great. Starting life as a bumptious, unlikeable child, his father enrolled him in Sydney Grammar, where he fitted right in. Despite his father only possessing a modest chain of Sydney hotels and the family roughing it in a penthouse on Sydney’s North Shore, somehow the Prime Minister managed to overcome the odds and become exceedingly rich.

Turnbull first caught the public eye as a barrister in the Spycatcher case in the late 1980s — a famous victory of which no-one can any longer quite remember any of the details. Following that, he gained household name status in advance of the republic referendum of 1999. His contribution to the cause was so profound, his name is still uttered with a quiet reverence in monarchist circles. Having headed off the republic, he soon joined the Liberal Party to become a minister in John Howard’s quasi-fascist regime.

Turnbull knows what it takes to achieve greatness. Natural advantages, excellent contacts and at least a small initial fortune. He will apply this template to the nation. Firstly, his cordial relationship with the Donald Trump should help boost Australia’s prestige internationally. And secondly, by cutting company tax for corporations with a turnover of less than $50 million, Turnbull should soon turn Australia’s presently large fortune into something far more manageable.

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lying even before becoming a politician...

The Liberal candidate vying to be the next state member for North Shore has apologised for wrongly claiming to have lived in the electorate for a decade.

Felicity Wilson, the favourite to win Saturday's by-election for the seat, said it was an "unintentional error" when she told party members she moved to the North Shore electorate in 2005.

During the Liberal Party preselection battle that led to her nomination, Ms Wilson said she had lived in Waverton, Wollstonecraft and Neutral Bay "for 10 years".

This assertion was repeated in a statutory declaration as part of her nomination form lodged with the party.

But after journalists started questioning the claim, Ms Wilson admitted it was wrong.

"At the time of writing my nomination form, I believed it to be true that I had lived in the North Shore electorate for 10 years," Ms Wilson said in a statement.

"However, upon further reflection I have since realised that figure is not accurate.

"Rather, I have lived in and around Sydney's North Shore region for the best part of 10 years.

"I sincerely apologise for my unintentional error."

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