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The Daily Mail has apologized to Melania Trump and agreed to pay damages to settle a lawsuit filed by the first lady after the publisher made false claims about her work as a professional model.

The settlement was announced in a joint statement from the Daily Mail and Trump's lawyers.

"We accept that these allegations about Mrs. Trump are not true and we retract and withdraw them. We apologize to Mrs. Trump for any distress that our publication caused her," the Daily Mail and Mail Online said in the statement.

Trump will be paid about $2.9 million in damages and costs, according to a source familiar with the settlement.

Trump filed a suit against the Mail Online in September, accusing it of making false and defamatory statements. The suit, which asked for at least $150 million in damages, was later moved from Maryland to New York.

The Mail article questioned the nature of the work undertaken by Trump in the 1990s, and republished allegations that she provided services beyond simply modeling.

Trump also filed suit against the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. The agreement disclosed Wednesday settles all her claims against the publication relating to the retracted article.

The Daily Mail is a tabloid newspaper in Britain, but it also publishes a digital version with significant readership in the United States.

It has previously paid damages to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and the musician Elton John after making false claims.

In February, Wikipedia barred citations of the Daily Mail after editors of the online encyclopedia concluded that the tabloid is "generally unreliable."

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the fox is better than the fat guy...

President Trump has been treated better by Fox News since Rupert Murdoch took over for Roger Ailes -- and he knows it.

The president has been heard on multiple occasions talking about how Fox's coverage of him has become more positive since Murdoch took the reins at the network, sources at both the White House and Fox News told CNNMoney.

The president "talks about how the coverage under Murdoch is better than under Ailes," a White House source said.

According to New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman, Trump was also heard on a hot mic this week telling Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, "Rupert's been a lot better to me than Roger ever was."

The president's sentiments about Murdoch may explain why he repeatedly gives interviews to Fox outlets while ignoring other networks. Six of the eight sit-down television interviews Trump has given as president have gone to Fox News or Fox Business. (The other two went to ABC News and the Christian Broadcasting Network.)

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on false facts and naked truths...



I wrote this nearly eleven years ago on this site:


Spruiking is also the sweet process of inflating/disclosing/setting the value of whatever, using various techniques from advertising, propaganda and even “poker-face” playing in certain situations. Yes, better than a priest sermon that transforms our cosmic angst into beliefs and fear of god, spruiking modifies, and even creates, nothing into wants then into needs. This fantastic tool, applied to the desire (and the created need) to rule over a greater kingdom base, to increase the value of the top of the pyramid, leads to the justification for pre-emptive wars. The more we have, the more we “need” to protect, the greater the lies. And all’s well in the best of the growing worlds. Inflation and recessions become little levers to keep the money moving, because without movement of money, there is no profit to be made. The structure would collapse...
The “noble lies” are used to create the illusions necessary both to control the masses within the neoconservative system and bash those outside of it.
The pure magic here is beautifully maintained by throwing in some truths and some reality amongst the lies, so it becomes difficult to know if we have a half-truth or a half-porkie or a fully baked con-artistry. We are far from the notions of Existentialism, in which one accepts or rejects one’s own reality. We are far from compassion, as we divide our takings to give crumbs to charity in an effort that gives us the glow that maintains the porkies. We are told that the government is doing fine with a small surplus of cash while the rest of us is hammered with personal debts that could run a small country. This to make sure we can never be truly free. Neo Conservatism hates pure freedom.

Every bit of information is loaded with a purpose to suit the master viewpoint, but not to explore the ultimate truth or its construct. Thus the Minotaurs and the half-goat-half-people truly exist as, even if some of us cannot believe in these, enough of our population fall into the traps, the webs and sticky lines of deceit, listening to an ever-increasing amount of porkies, coming to you via all sorts of media.


Below is a 30/4/2017 loose advert for The Australian, a Murdoch media newspaper... In this advert, opinions are touted instead of facts because opinions are loaded rather than representing the truth. Should the advertising say: "facts" instead of "opinions", the paper would be taken to court for false advertising... But the cheek of it is to associate the right wing Prime Minister with the Oz (The Australian) where he is in a stance that show aggression "that does not hold back" rather than consideration (which is hypocritically intimated by him wearing a "ribbon" for a good cause). Some people (mostly right wing psychopaths) would admire, like The Australian mob, this ugly anger because this means power. Unfortunately this form of power has the biggest "bully", irresponsibility and a lying-with-contempt components rather than intelligence. Is our future decided by "opinions" rather than facts? I'm afraid so...


the oz







the entire back of the plane goes to sleep...

So far, North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un is way ahead in the insults stakes. He was on target when he described the president of the US as “the mentally deranged US dotard” and his threats as the “sounds of a dog barking”.

An archive of Trump’s radio interviews with Howard Stern confirms what Kimbo is on about, and fortunately The Independent has selected some of the choicest morsels.

The president confirms he is a germaphobe, washing his hands “as many times as possible” during the day. He admits this “could be a psychological problem”, but has not sought therapy to cope with it. “I like cleanliness. Cleanliness is a nice thing. Not only hands: body, everything.”

He avoids touching his children when they are unwell, but is quite keen on touching Melania, confessing to “feeling her up” in public places but adding, “I’m very well behaved, actually, and almost always I’m very down the middle”.

“You know, she’s naturally in good shape ... She’s a very beautiful woman. Considered one of the great beauties of the world. So I don’t know how I got her because ... beauty doesn’t matter to me.”

After the September 11 attacks, Trump came up with an ingenious way to combat terrorism, which he shared with Stern and his listeners: “You have a red button in the plane, and the pilot has a huge problem in the back. He’s got two or three terrorists, you know, going crazy ... He presses a button and sleeping gas comes out, the entire back of the plane goes to sleep.”

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einstein never looked so good...

In 2000, Melania Knauss, a Slovenian model dating Donald Trump, began petitioning the government for the right to permanently reside in the United States under a program reserved for people with “extraordinary ability.”

Knauss’s credentials included runway shows in Europe, a Camel cigarette billboard ad in Times Square and — in her biggest job at the time — a spot in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, which featured her on the beach in a string bikini, hugging a six-foot inflatable whale.

In March 2001, she was granted a green card in the elite EB-1 program, which was designed for renowned academic researchers, multinational business executives or those in other fields, such as Olympic athletes and Oscar-winning actors, who demonstrated “sustained national and international acclaim.” 

“We called it the Einstein visa,” said Bruce Morrison, a former Democratic congressman and chairman of the House subcommittee that wrote the Immigration Act of 1990 defining EB-1.


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Anyway, the Visa Eb-1 for Einstein, is LUDICROUSLY hypocritical for mixing "renowned academic researchers" with multinational business executives or those in other fields, such as Olympic athletes and Oscar-winning actors... I can say with confidence that Melania fits into this "extraordinary ability" program. A spot in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, which featured her on the beach in a string bikini, hugging a six-foot inflatable whale, would be worth ten PhDs in a doctor's surgery, in helping patients (especially male) to instantly feel better.

And she's smart too. She apparently speaks five languages (in addition to her native Slovenian, Melania Trump speaks four other languages: English, French, Serbian and German) though some nasty nutty magazine article leaning on the jealous scandal-sheet side dispute this (they said she could not speak Italian very well)... Being able to speak various languages displays a relative Einstein ability and marrying genius Trump shows her go-for-broke multinational business executive understanding.

In regard to Olympic athletes, Melania deserved to be on the podiums, just for looks. The Washington Post is just bitchy as usual about the Trumps... including discounting The Donald's efforts on gun control. So far El Donaldo has done 1000 times more than previous Presidents since those have done nothing. NOTHING. 

and now the pitiful smh...

meanwhile at the wax works...

The figurine of the first lady was unveiled on Wednesday, and stands next to a waxwork of her husband, Donald Trump. The Trumps are positioned behind a wooden presidential desk in a section devoted to world and religious leaders. It is located across from Pope Francis, Gandhi and Fidel Castro.

It’s the first time Melania Trump has been displayed at Tussauds. She joins a pantheon of wax celebrities at the Times Square location, including Angelina Jolie, Queen Elizabeth II and the boyband ‘NSync.

Asked what Trump was like away from the cameras, Spicer said: “She’s a very gracious and fashionable woman. I don’t think the American people have fully appreciated the level of intellect she has and her political savviness.”

In a brief Q&A with a Tussauds representative, Spicer, who resigned in July, described Melania as “a great spouse” who is “always supportive” of Donald Trump “in public and private”.

Asked by the Guardian if Melania Trump was supportive when news broke of her husband’s alleged affair with a pornographic actor, Spicer said: “I haven’t had any conversations on that.”


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Meanwhile hubby is plotting his next bombing of sumpthin', to keep his media ratings up — as the "intelligence" agencies feed the non-intelligent brain-dead media with rubbish. All is well in the best of the worlds... Read from top.

of naked voting bods...


A diverse group of women stripped off for photographs with just a ballot covering their privates as part of a campaign to urge people to vote Democrat in the upcoming midterm elections.

Ten women took part in the series called 'Grab Them By The Ballot' hoping the powerful images will encourage people to cast their ballot on November 6.

Dawn Robertson, 48, decided to organize the photo shoot with a cast of diverse women of different sizes, sexual orientations and races after #MeToo allegations against prominent figures continued to rise.

She said the Republican party's attack on women's reproductive rights and transgender people's rights also played a part.

And she named her campaign with a play on President Donald Trump's now-infamous comments while aboard an Access Hollywood bus. 


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What the Daily Mail does not say is :

"It's really embarrassing. I am disappointed and disgusted by these women who are not only rude and nasty if you do not adhere to their beliefs, but get angry when you ask them questions. This campaign is a joke," for example wrote a user on their Facebook page. Other comments are more laconic: "disgusting", for one, when another sees "sheep".

And a surfer, not tender, to assure: "I will vote Republican just because of these circus performers."


Translation by Jules Letambour.


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I am going to make a sexist comment here. Banish me to hell if you wish. I can see why many "Republicans" (and non-Republican) men hunt for trophy wives... This "Vote Democrat" promotion might have looked like a good and fair idea at the time, but it was horrid. Nothing to do with the genuine hurt and discrimination of people with their sexuality not being recognised by the state (under Trump or any other President), but to do with "the laws of advertising". The "shock value" can work against you in such an instance...


I have no idea if the promotion worked or not.