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‘The Taliban have regained control over the southern half of Afghanistan and their frontline is advancing daily, a group closely monitoring the Afghan situation said in a report Tuesday.

The report on the reconstruction of Afghanistan marking the fifth anniversary of 9/11 is based on extensive field research in the critical provinces of Helmand, Kandahar, Herat and Nangarhar.

"The Taliban frontline now cuts halfway through the country, encompassing all of the southern provinces," the Senlis Council report says. The Senlis Council is an international policy think tank with offices in Kabul, London, Paris and Brussels.

The report from Senlis, which has reported extensively on Afghanistan over recent years, says also that "a humanitarian crisis of starvation and poverty has gripped the south of the country." The report blames "the U.S. and UK-led failed counter-narcotics and military policies" for this situation..

"The subsequent rising levels of extreme poverty have created increasing support for the Taliban, who have responded to the needs of the local population," the report says.’

Taliban Taking Over

meanwhile, NATO's top commander, Gen. James Jones, said more troops are needed to in southern Afghanistan where Taliban militants are inflicting heavy casualties on foreign forces. "[The violence is] something akin to poking the bee hive and the bees are swarming," he said.


Comfortable hogwash

The cigarette company protector, the new US ambassa-dour to Aussieland, apparently is comfortable: "I'm extraordinarily comfortable with David Hicks receiving a fair trial in a military commission that's established by the United States Congress," he said. He adds that the Aussie community is confused about Hicks case...

Sure we are bloody confused, and it's not about the case... because it's clear as Sydney on a sunny day in spring that the US and our complicit government are doing all they can to fiddle the books ever written on Justice rules... Then the smokers' right to fill hospitals champion adds; "rules that take into account the differences in a civilian criminal law system and in a military commission that relates to war crimes, activities that occur during the fog of war".

Fog of F#@$&ing war?!!!@?

Crickey!, to borrow an Aussie expression made famous by crocodile-kissing-Steve, this man has no shame in his trousers! This is hogwash! Since the stupid war on Terra is going to last another 1000 years the way it's going, let's hope someone decent will see through the rubbish being thrown at us by this Dubya boot-strap! Down with this charade! Let's be real for once! Yes sure people like David Hicks did no do the best with their lives but they have not killed anyone yet, even by accident. The US administration has killed many innocent people using very sad and dubious political means, including massive porkies to achieve what? A sadder world in which the "we shall prevail" rhetoric becomes more hollow, day after day... after having started from inside a vacuum-brained president.

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Newsweek has scrubbed the cover of the United States edition for October 2, 2006. The cover of international editions, aimed at Europe, and other world regions has maintained the original title of the story, "LOSING AFGHANISTAN." The new cover for the United States edition features photographer Annie Leibovitz and is titled "My Life in Pictures." We offer the European edition cover and story here.

Losing Afghanistan: The Rise Of Jihadistan

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‘Once touted as a success in the "War on Terror," Afghanistan has now deteriorated into increasing violence with the return of warlords, a flourishing drug trade, and ongoing women's oppression. Additionally, US/NATO bombing raids still claim civilian lives and their brutal "hunt and kill" tactics have ironically resulted in a resurgence of the Taliban. Despite the NATO takeover of "security operations" this summer, Western troops in Afghanistan are more unpopular than ever and per soldier are just as likely to be killed as in Iraq.

But this descent into violence is a predictable outcome of deliberate U.S. policies over the past five years. As we explain in our new book, Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence (Seven Stories), the U.S. refused to allow UN peacekeeping troops to stabilize Afghanistan outside Kabul, and instead allowed their old allies, the Northern Alliance and other warlords, to regain power and resume their oppression.’

Enforcing Insecurity In Afghanistan