Saturday 2nd of December 2023

flamboyant flim-flam .....


And this does not include Howard's FOI, which has shut shop: "The public
would misunderstand the information..." his government says with aplomb of a
Buster Keaton, fiddling with his "General"...

I love reality...

From our ABC

Consumer confidence surges 12.5pc
There has been a strong recovery in a key measure of consumer confidence in Australia.

This month's Westpac/Melbourne Institute index of consumer sentiment has jumped 12.5 per cent.

Last month it plunged more than 16 per cent in response to higher interest rates and fuel prices.

Westpac chief economist Bill Evans says the latest reading is a return to reality.

Gus: My consumer reality is a-jumpin'... did not know I had an index of confidence though... Mr Bin Laden must be close to be caught... Climate change has been licked, over-population is counteracted by people dying of bird flu syndrome, it has been raining so much that the water shortages are over... Medibank private is to be sold for not an untidy sum... Telstra broadband is playing up like you would not believe, this morning... The price of petrol is tumbling to pre-war level of 50 cents a litre... Housing prices are on the rebound... University fees are sky rocketing towards "freedom"... Bush post a mission accomplished on the "war on terror" website... Israel accepts to give all the occupied territories back... and flat screen giant TV prices are still so low, I could buy one if I had a spare few bucks... Credit, did you say? Have I heard of credit?... Yes... Is not that the new prison... the fool's-gold plated chain that keeps us attached to an ever spinning faster grindstone? ...So we do not have time ask any real questions about our democracy-less rulers?

whoo-hoo, I'm over the moon!