Sunday 16th of June 2024

passing the rodent's values test ......

from Alan Ramsey …..

‘We let David Hicks rot for almost five years, without trial, in an American military hellhole in Cuba, and the Howard Government does nothing. A Melbourne court sees videos of an elite Victorian police unit obviously bashing confessions from suspects, yet all the police do is cry foul at their public "humiliation". Now a 90-plus-kilogram policeman in a remote Aboriginal community behaves so brutishly his victim's liver is torn in half and four ribs are broken after a "fall" as he is being taken from the paddy wagon and dragged, on his back, by the arms to a cell.

In March last year, just after the inquest began its hearings, a Palm Island spokesman for Mulrunji's family, Brad Foster, told The Australian newspaper's Tony Koch: "I ask a simple question. Just consider if a policeman and an Aborigine - or your son or father, for that matter - were involved in a scuffle at the entrance to the watch-house and they fell to the ground, and the Aboriginal man got up and walked away, leaving the policeman dead.

"How long do you think it would be before that Aboriginal man was charged? Do you believe he would have been immediately spirited away and protected from the media, given counselling and a safe house on the mainland, and then transferred to a pleasant job on the Gold Coast, constantly comforted by media statements by the Police Minister and the Police Commissioner? Of course not."

No politician has tried answering the question in the 18 months since.

Nor have Queensland police.

John Howard's Australia.

Peter Beattie's, too.’

Political Inaction Endorses Brute Force

and, from Mike Carlton …..

‘One of the secrets of John Howard's success is his peerless ability to proclaim, whenever it suits him and with utter conviction, that black is white.

It's a treat to watch, like the arrival of the scheming pantomime villain. The prime ministerial eyebrows knit in earnest sincerity above the prime ministerial spectacles. The wrinkles on the prime ministerial forehead arrange themselves to indicate that great truths are to be revealed, and the prime ministerial voice drops an octave to convey a portentous prime ministerial gravitas.

Thus, with Orwellian ease, he can weave any two polar opposite propositions into a seamless policy whole. The war in Iraq has made us safer. Scrapping employment benefits is good for workers. Handing more of the media to Packer and Murdoch guarantees diversity of opinion. Jailing terrorist suspects indefinitely without trial preserves our freedoms. David Hicks was aiding the enemy, while AWB was merely doing its best, in difficult times, to sell wheat to Saddam Hussein. Muslims must integrate with the Aussie way of life but it's OK for those far-right religious cranks the Exclusive Brethren not to vote in elections. The list goes on.’

Opposites Attractive In The Howard Lexicon

Maoist themes

It's heartening to see another warrior leap up to the front-line. Julie Bishop's cut-n-thrust on a national education regime is refreshing. She is correct, and courageous, to point the bone at the malignant Maoism embedded in government educational institutions

Ms Bishop will give a speech to history teachers in Western Australia today, accusing education officials of teaching themes which come "straight from Chairman Mao".

This speech will be a fitting tribute to the efforts of 'Rant and the H.R.Nicholls Society. Our Leader, John Winston, with his unique grasp of historical and literary truths, will be nominated as the person to set the curriculum.

The predictable howls from impotent Marxist moaners of the Left will serve to prove the point.  

[I'm getting the hang of this. Might try offering a piece to news-dot-com. The by-line 'A. Nutt' seems about right.] 

hypocritical political expediency .....

from the Sydney morning herald ….

‘A judge has told the federal government to "get its act together" after its lawyers sought a delay to a damages action brought by former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib.

Federal Court Justice Rodney Madgwick issued the reprimand following a request from government lawyers for more time to respond to Mr Habib's claim.

"Surely someone can give instructions on behalf of the commonwealth," Justice Madgwick said.

"It's a matter for the commonwealth to get its act together."’

Judge Chides Government Over Habib Claim Delay

no surprise here .... as we've come to expect, the rodent's much vaunted support for the "rule of law" seems to be applied, like everything-else his government touches, on a selective basis of hypocritical political expediency .....   

donning a phoney hairy chest .....

‘The Federal Government is concerned David Hicks has been behind bars at Guantanamo Bay for five years without facing trial, Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison has said.

Senator Ellison said today the Government had made it clear to United States authorities it was not satisfactory that Hicks had been held for so long without facing trial.

"We have made it clear that we do not think that it is satisfactory that this man has been incarcerated for so long without facing trial," Mr Ellison said at the 10th International Criminal Lawyers Conference held in Perth today.’

US Told Hicks Delay 'Not Satisfactory'

the great deciderarian must be literally trembling in his boots in fear ….. Iraq becomes Vietnam; his allies are deserting him in droves; the Congressional Elections in a couple of weeks can only be won by rigging them & now Awstrayla is wagging its finger over Guantanamo …..

Mein Gott, it’s enough to make a war criminal consider deserting!!

Either that or our phoney “Justice Minister” was told to take a Bex & have a little lay down.

US Told Hicks Delay 'Not Satisfactory'