Monday 17th of June 2024

I'll be Tony's baby tonight

Why bother voting when the system's a con
When leaders are milked for charisma, then gone
replaced by a power hungry lackey who grins?
It's always the sneakiest bastard who wins,

(Sung to the Dylan song) 

Close the door ring the bell, Democracy just went to hell

I'll be Tony's baby tonight
Pick a Leader who has guts, then kick him in the nuts
I'll be Tony's baby tonight

No one here could give a damn for Julia or Dutton
and people like Bill Shorten just like Kiwi blokes like mutton

Have a Party, shed a tear, then start again next year
I'll be Tony's baby tonight

[Dutton] is a...

[Dutton] is “not incapable” of sitting as a member of parliament, according [to] legal advice from the solicitor general, but there is still “some risk” the high court might find he has a conflict of interest.

The advice was released on Friday morning ahead of an expected noon party room meeting to decide the leadership, potentially easing Dutton’s run but leaving sufficient doubt about his childcare business interests for his opponents to call for a referral to the high court.

Stephen Donaghue’s advice concluded there is “some risk” that the high court might find Dutton has a conflict of interest, in part due to the “substantial size of the payments”, referring to the subsidies earned by the childcare centres. He said it “is impossible to state the position with certainty” that Dutton is eligible.

Donaghue warned that application of section 44(v) of the constitution – which disqualifies parliamentarians with a “direct or indirect interest in an agreement” with the commonwealth – is “highly fact dependent”.

“However, for a variety of reasons, I have been briefed with very little factual information.”


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Of course our new AG is somewhat "blind to facts"... that Dutton's Trust is profiting from the laws of this land which is a direct or indirect interest in an agreement” with the commonwealth... Amen.


These laws were specificaly written to catch "Peter Duttons".