Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

the puppet show in kanbra...


The massive voter desertion of the Liberal Party in the previously safe seat of Wagga Wagga will take some explaining, writes Canberra correspondent John Passant.

I HAVE TWO WORDS to say to the Liberal Party: Wagga Wagga!

The loss of the extremely safe NSW State seat of Wagga Wagga is a disaster for the Liberals, both federally and at a state level.

Of course, Wagga Wagga is a NSW State electorate. And yes, the by-election was held as a result of the resignation of the then Liberal member, Daryl Maguireovercorruption allegations. Let’s not forget the in-fighting between the Nationals and Liberals at the State level over running for the seat, either.

And, absolutely, there was the impact of what new Prime Minister calls the "Muppet Show" in Canberra. In a by-election, people feel more comfortable about sending a message to the government, without the usual risk of the government falling. On top of all that, Wagga Wagga's Liberal candidate may not have been the best one to win back lots of disaffected voters.

However, the first preference swing against the Liberals was around 29% at the time of writing. With a primary vote hovering around 25%, more people dumped the party than stayed with it. This massive desertion will take some explaining.   

Tellingly, a poll carried out in the week the leadership debacle was happening in Canberra showed a huge loss in support for the Liberals in Wagga Wagga. The old cliché that disunity is death may apply, even if this was a NSW State by-election rather than a federal one.

As argued before, there is a wider process going on with the rejection of neoliberal politics. The leadership bloodbath may have been the spark that saw people decide to move away from the Liberals as Brand Liberal is now seen as toxic.


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... is more like a bordello...

Scott Morrison became Australia's 30th Prime Minister after the Coalition shut down the House of Representatives in the last sitting week.

That means he's yet to face his first parliamentary test — any attempt to test the Government's numbers.

The Greens have promised to move a motion of no confidence in Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton over his handling of the European au pair saga.

So how would that play out? It's particularly interesting given the Government is one member short with the retirement of ousted prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.


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Politics is the prostitution of democracy by many pimps fighting to own it — aka most politicians...

as god runs the brothel on the hill...

But, as we’ll see, this commentary is missing an important element. Morrison is already familiar with his faith being scrutinised.

The authenticity of his Christian faith has often been called into question on account of his oversight of Australia’s treatment of asylum seekers.

Certainly, it is hard to reconcile the Christian faith to the sheer hard-heartedness with which the prime minister and other Christians from both the Coalition and the ALP have implemented and defended their immigration policies.

But scrutinising the moral consistency of Christian politicians is only half the story.

Beyond their morality and beyond the discussions about separating church and state, there’s another matter that largely goes by without comment. It’s this: what kind of theological ideas are Christian politicians injecting into public debate and using to buttress their politics?

This should rightly interest both Christian and non-Christian like. And Morrison provides an interesting case study.

In his maiden speech in 2007 Morrison put his Christian cards squarely on the table. He invoked Abraham Lincoln: “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side.” It sounds benign, but it isn’t.


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in charge of the zoo...

Scott Morrison wanted his first question time as prime minister to be about the what, but of course it was all about the why.

Why was he now Australia’s 30th prime minister? It’s the question the voters of Australia are asking, because it’s the obvious question to ask. Morrison needs to be able to provide an answer.

In his first question time as prime minister, Morrison said he was the prime minister because prime ministers, in the Liberal party, serve at the pleasure of their colleagues. “The privilege of serving as the leader of the Liberal party is a decision of the parliamentary party and they have made their decision,” Morrison told parliament on Monday.

To understand the hollowness of that answer we might need to review some previous examples, and because this is Australian politics, captive of the unhinged coup culture for more than a decade, there’s a small trove of wisdom upon which to draw.

When Julia Gillard took the Labor leadership from Kevin Rudd, it was because a good government had “lost its way”. “I know the Rudd government did not do all it said it would do and at times it went off track,” Gillard said.

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led by suburban daggy dads...

In her opinionated piece of August 26 2018, Miranda Devine hits the nail on the head, while talking about about our Scomo:

"He is economically competent, can sell a message, and is a genuine suburban "daggy" dad from the Shire..."

This has been the problem of Australia: being run by "daggy" dads. Tony Abbott's daughter back then, reminded us that Tony was a dag... And we all know (or we should) that a dag is the name of caked-up shit on the arse-end of a sheep. Sure the "country was built in the sheep's back" but we need to have limits in regard to who we put in charge.

In relation to "suburban", Tony Abbott is a dag from the North Shore, the second most expensive place on earth after the "Point Piper" suburb, where the previous daggy holder of the PMship, Malcolm, lives. 

So where is the Shire? Or better still what is the Shire? It's a suburb of Sydney where all the rightwing dags with not enough cash to buy into the previous two mentioned suburb of Sydney have pitched their whitey middle-class tent. Their tents is usually a "modern" (built in 1970 refurbished in 2018 — granite kitchen) mansion on half-acre blocks set amongst leafy forests, with garage for three cars and a big runabout (a boat) on a trailer, for display at the front rather than fishing, that one could not take on the street unless under police escort, because it's a biggy.

The daggy dad of the Shire plays footy with the kids and often barbecues in shorts which, unlike the barbecuers of the North Shore, is not "designer", but in tune with the footy team supported, in this case Cronulla. Cronulla Rugby League team would have bitten the dust in 1999, had it not been rescued by a generous, forever lauded in the Shire, Uncle Rupe.

Economically, the dags of the Shire know as much as the others which is not much. Spruiking is part and parcel of being part of the politician artifices, selling snags or shit.

So Australia's problem has been dags. Julia Gillard, not a dag, the only female — red-headed, unmarried, atheist, with a clothes sense reminding us of Tony Abbott's wife, was vilified for not being a dag, which of course Rudd was — a dag from Queensland...


Where are the engineers and the scientists who could lead this country with real facts rather than made up daggy baggy daddy fakey stories?


and I forgot...


I forgot to mention that the Shire is where most of the bogans live. Sylvania Waters, in the Shire, was the subject of a "reality" TeeVee show that showed some vacuous living.