Thursday 30th of March 2023

The Song of the Doctor

(Sung to tune of "Pinball Wizard")

Since I was a boy I've been a fan of Doctor Who
I'd cheer in in admiration at all the things he'd do
I'd hide behind the couch each time a Dalek came onscreen
But now something has happened that can't remain unseen

Chorus:) I used to want to be like him, when I had grown up

But never have I once desired to wear a firm C-Cup
My mind is in a crisis, my ethics in a stew
Doctor Who's a woman. What's a man to do?

The fact that he's an alien should make it all okay
for Time Lords change their bodies nearly every second day
They die and get reborn again, the ultimate survivor
but never before has the Doctor been sans sonic screwdriver

Luckily the show is not designed for old consumers
It's aimed and fired at children, not ageing baby boomers
who come from a dying world with long-held thoughts so strange
where people lived an ancient lifestyle much in need of change

I see all the kids in this Brave New World
Some have have been boyed, some have been girled
Kids will get the message from Doctor Who:
There's nothing that a girl can't do.


Fantastic song! Shared sentiments exactly... Where can we see the Youtube or buy the compilation?... Or is there a copyright issue with the music?


The tune, suggestion, Gus, is an homage to old-style broadstreet transmission.  If I give this it's own original tune then it will be my own work.  I don't think the Beeb would chase too hard unless I made squillions.  Actually, I've dealt with them before, when I could have been in trouble for screening the 50th Anniversary on a wall in our pub while 'real live' Daleks watched on.  They (the Beeb, not the Daleks) were happy for things to proceed in the intended spirit.
PS Did you know that the London Police took the BBC to court over the intellectual property ownership of the blue police box?  They lost!
PPS Glad you liked it!

Icelandic schools are defying stereotypes...

While many believe the expression “boys will be boys” should stay the norm, some Icelandic schools are defying stereotypes in the name of equality by making boys play with dolls and give massages, while girls jump from trees.

Known as the Hjalli teaching model, the network of 20 nursery and elementary schools aims to counter stereotypical gender roles and behaviors from an early age. While still considered radical by Icelandic standards, the network has grown to cater to eight percent of all nursery-age children in the country since the first school opened in 1989.

The school’s program sees boys and girls wear the same uniforms and play with gender-neutral toys. However, they are separated for most of the day in order to participate in activities that actively counter that of what is expected of them by current gender norms.

For example, girls, who are considered more caring and helpful, are instead taken on activities that encourage them to be daring, take the initiative, and to be more individualistic – characteristics often associated with boys’ play. Activities include climbing trees and walking barefoot in the snow without screaming.

Boys, on the other hand, are treated to far more mellow games in an effort to develop male empathy. Activities include pretending to be babysitters with rag-dolls, painting their nails, as well as styling each other’s hair and giving full body massages.

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Note: I did not know the police took the beeb to court... Thanks for the info.

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Thought you might be interested in the link:

Good one... but did you see the FIRST female doctor?...


At the end of the spoof, Joanna Lumley does a sexy doctor...