Saturday 2nd of December 2023

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Developing countries must do more to reduce emissions: Costello

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello says there is no point in Australia reducing its greenhouse gas emissions when China and India are such major global polluters.

Mr Costello is reacting to the UK's Stern report on global warming.

Its author, leading economist Sir Nicholas Stern, has described climate change as the biggest market failure the world has ever seen.

Mr Costello says the claims have to be kept in perspective and while Australia is on track reducing its emissions, developing countries need to do more.

He says Australia should try to get other nations to cut theirs.

"There's no point in Australia meeting its emissions target - and we are on track to do so, and I believe we ought to do so when we're less than 1 per cent of global emissions - if you're going to have major emitters such as China and India, which are increasing every year the emissions by more than the total of Australia," he said.


Gus: That's our boy, Pete... leading from the rear by bad example...

Australia selling coal and steel hand over fist to other countries to make an economic killing and ... passing the ecological buck to them...

Brilliant! Meanwhile “aussie tony” has seen the light, George and Johnnee test
sequestration with their head while their arse is on fire. See previous
cartoon on "US Global warming solution" on this site and all the other
related blogs to this effect...

We are getting somewhere...

Miming for subtext

When Mike Rann's lips spruik Green Power, he really means "Dig here".

What does he, and duet partner John Howard, think about hybrid vehicles?


Is that because...?

T. G.
Is the extra cost to the SA government for "green power" because Haliburton is controlling the windmills as well as the rest?