Monday 20th of May 2024

Umbrellas Up! PM Howard On Adelaide Radio Today

The Prime Minister was busy on Adelaide this morning puttting up an umbrella to shield his electoral hopes from the downfall of the Republicans.

Speaking on ABC-891 today MrHoward explained that Republicans, given their financially conservative nature, stayed at home in protest of the Bush Administration's fiscal deficit, and that this was a big difference between the two countries.

"What has happened at the ballot box in America has not changed the situation on the ground in Iraq" Mr Howard said

Detaching himself from Bush's recent comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam, the Prime Minister explained that Irraq couldn't be compared to Vietnam as "The judgement in history in relation to Vietnam is that it was a civil war."

Howard downplayed the signifigance in the poll of the Middle East conflict, saying "I don't think it was the only issue, and it it would be a mistake to consider it in those terms."

And it rings if you pull the other leg

From the underfunded ABC

Rumsfeld resignation won't alter strategy in Iraq: PM
The Prime Minister says the US strategy in Iraq will not change because of the congressional elections.

John Howard says the US is not going to suddenly pull out of Iraq.

He has described the decision to replace the Defence Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, as a gesture by President George W Bush to the voters.

"Clearly the President has reacted to the vote, obviously he has and that is sensible but his reaction does not amount to a fundamental change in direction," he said.


Gus: Ah... the smell of fundamentals...