Sunday 23rd of January 2022

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I am impressed by people who can sleep at night with a clean conscience. It’s impressive. The bourgeois have acquired a magical peace of mind that is unequalled in history, though they can be annoyed at what is now called political correctitude (PC), which demands an overboard amount of compassion and a diminishment of their comforts due to draconian socialistic laws that prevent us from vilifying gays and their rights, people of various colours and the lazy poor bastards who cannot get a break due to their bad choice of lifestyle. 

We give our surplus of clothes to Vinnies, don’t we? Supermarket shelves are stripped of used-by date products before they expire, a system of obsolescence especially invented to feed the hordes of useless people on welfare who use the IVF spermarkets to breed like rabbits, upsetting the bourgeois balance of the “well-to-do” middle class which only breeds with restraint — if we do. 

And these useless people in their third generations on the free-teats of the government, have now become probably drug pushers who do dangerous wheelies with their souped-up cars in the burbs one would not be seen dead living in. They should be working in hot tin-galvanising factories like refugees and new migrants on arrival. Welfare should be abolished to give tax cuts to the hard workers like lawyers. And wages are too high, obviously.

The bourgeois have not done anything wrong in their entire life, apart from some small accidental misdemeanour that were forgivable by a well-oiled system that dispenses absolution through its religious sub-branches. The bourgeois have worked and paid their dues — taxes, accidental parking fines and charitable contributions —and they are entitled to enjoy their barbecues without the bloody flies. They spray Killbug. It’s the way it’s provided by liberal enterprises. Killbug's necessary destruction of local nature is overblown by bleeding hearts who want you to only eat carrot-cakes and beans, by trying to frighten you with the idea that Killbug is going to murder a few koalas. Koalas are in plenty big numbers as seen by them falling off trees when we bulldoze a new Paradise private estate with golf course. There are plenty more trees in the too many “nature reserves”.       

The extinction of a bird species to create a new coal mine is a very small price to pay, which nature can afford, for us to supply discounted coal to the poor indians (who have more nukes than us) in need of kilowatts. It’s the least we can do to be charitable to mister Adani.

The Gina Reinhardt and the Clive Palmer are entitled to their private jets because they developed the mining business by taking risk with their cash — and made oodles more cash. That’s business. We would not be so brave, nor would we have connections to convince a council or a state government for doing a bit of rezoning. They are also prepared to pay two dollars a day for the shovelers. The country’s resources belong to them — this kind of on-the-go people — the “entreprenours”, as pronounced by our glorious shock jocks, as since the beginning of civilisation in Australia, mining has been a private affair, actually a private right to dig under other people’s land as instructed by a government wanting to develop this savage wasteland. 

We’re not in a communist country where such enterprise would be controlled by a nasty government and in which we would have to account for every sheet of toilet paper used. Here the government, in charge of paving roads and building submarines with private subcontractors, only take a bit of the action with royalties and a bit of tax but not so much as to kill the joy of digging — unless the government tries to cash in too much and there is a revolution like the Eureka Stockade. But this was a long time ago, when governments were trying to find their liberal footing and ways to remove the Aborigines, while trying to prevent a Chinese invasion. 

These days the miners are so big, it’s their duty to escape with murder and tax minimisation by being registered in the Cayman Islands, as long as we, the bourgeois, are comfortable with the peaceful spoils of liberal trickle-down. And when we say “liberal”, we don’t mean ugly progressive. We mean capitalism laissez-faire, conservative moral values, traditional family and God as the arbiter of wraths against the commies — and the barely tolerated towel-heads.

Lately, the pensioners whose savings are in banks have been short changed a bit, but they're loonies for thinking banks are a place to make money… The government ruled a long time ago that they earn more than 3 per cent on their savings, while the banks give them a pitiful 0.5 per cent rather than the 6 per cent of yesteryear. Blame the interest rates and the soft economy because bludgers don't want to work. The oldies are not impressed but that’s life with a liberal government that encourage risk and mining. The oldies should have invested in mining.

Labor wanted to remove the benefit of franking credits on shares (such as mining) which gave these oldies (but mostly big private investment enterprises) the benefit of spoils that, coming from after tax profits of the companies they have invested in, they themselves  are getting the cash tax-free. This was going to kill many pensioners as told by the liberal shock jocks, who for good measure claimed that this was a Labor Death Tax, which it was not, but it sounded ominous enough. A spade is a shovel to dig our grave, no?

At least, the liberal government was brave enough to remove all the welfare recipient out of the city by turning public housing into private mansions. Makes the city feel more gentrified apart from some of the welfare bludgers who ended up living unhygienically in the street. It’s why we pay the police, no? To remove these lepers out of the pavement, and move them to Rotinhellville, a new brick-veneer camp with all shared amenities, where they belong.

We are comfortable with the liberal way of not thinking much. Thinking is a way to get a headache. It’s reassuring that Scott Morrison praises the lord of love. We all should. Amen say the shock-jocks who deserve to be elevated to sainthood, unlike the journalists of the ABC, who should be raided every second day by the AFP for giving our glorious troops a bad name by exposing a couple of soldiers having fun. The ABC should be sold in little bits to private enterprise, for being lefty elitist. The ABC keeps dubiously exposing our liberal government for making neat water deals with the Cayman Islands and using a liberal-run travel agency that gives discount (or forget to send the bill) to our glorious liberal politicians when they go on holidays. 

The ABC and that lefty Guardian are so hung up about global warming — which they try to hide as climate change (and anyone knows that climate changes all the time) — that one would think they are blind to the reality that climate change is a communist plot by the United Nations. The ABC should not expose our liberal governments but try to destroy Labor as it should — and as it always does when Labor is in government. 

Trump was about to show he had righteous big balls by bombing Iran, but he showed some Christian forgiveness for them having killed a US drone. Iran is of course the scourge of the earth, unlike our friends the Saudis who hate atheists like we do and had the right to murder a journalist who was going to tell lies about the ruling Prince. Unfortunate as it may seem to some, it shows that being a journalist is more dangerous than being a soldier…

And please don’t mention this dangerous sex-maniac — no I don’t mean that good friend of the Clintons and of Donald Trump, Epstein — but that ratbag Assange who had the gall to expose US soldiers doing their job of killing journalists, though we thank him (and the Russians) for having destroyed Hillary… though he should rot in prison for the next 179 years of his life for doing so.

Oh… my coffee is getting cold. 

The nice creamed pattern was done by the best baristas in the world — Aussies of course… Underpaid to keep them crafty. It’s a nice day here. A bit too cold to indulge in a climate change concept, if you get my drift, despite the melting of Antarctica. Enjoy your nice day, wherever you are — in stifling heat and awaiting a hurricane in New Orleans, should you be there.

Gus Bourgeoisky
Local bullshitter who does not sleep at night...

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Note: Gus only drinks double shots of black coffee, saturated with sugar. None of this fancy stuff as shown in the picture.

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