Thursday 30th of March 2023

Covid Has No Heart

I met her on a Winter night
in swirling Melbourne mist
three weeks since the moon shone bright
and loving shadows kissed
Living in our lockdown homes
the law kept us apart
but Covid rode with Cupid
for Covid has no heart
She said she only offered love
the taste was on her breath
She wasn't there to save me
She paved my road to death
We're free to choose, and take a risk
For Liberty we die
You've been kissed by COVID mist,
but darling, don't you cry
Our two hearts beat as one
back then as they do now
The same intensive care ward
keeps us alive some how
and each of us has a machine
that breathes just like a lung
You want a song of Liberty?
This is how it's sung

From Blog To Book! (True Lockdown Love Stories Wanted!)


I'm very excited to announce that this poem has been invited into a book due for release in December!  Wear A Mask, Cupid  will be a collection of true tales of romance under Lockdown.
The deadline for submissions is Sept 20, and stories can be published anonymously.  Here's their FB blurb:

Wear a mask, Cupid!
Do you use an online dating app? Did you jump online during lockdown or self-isolation? Then we want to hear from you. Maybe you had a sneaky in-person date, maybe you had an online hook-up with someone overseas. We want your stories – the good, the bad, the downright bizarre.
We are collecting stories for a book to be published in late 2020. You can either write your own (true) story, or you can get in contact with us and we’ll help you draft something. Importantly, you can remain anonymous.
What’s in it for you? Publication, one free copy of the book, and an invitation to our launch party (which will hopefully take place in person in Adelaide!). Mm... a launch party full of single people looking for love… I sense a sequel in the making.
Not sure how to describe your Tinder Tale? Try these prompts:
- What attracted you to this person?
- How did the conversation develop?
- If you met in person, how and where did you meet?
- First impressions?
- Expectations vs reality?
- What went wrong? Or what went absolutely right?
Try to keep your stories under 1,000 words (500 words ideal, less is also fine!). The deadline to submit is 20 September.
Although we expect to read stories containing sex, we will not accept any stories that condone violence or abuse, or that are explicitly sexual. This is not a collection of porn – this is a collection of stories told by people seeking company and connection, craving human touch or conversation, who might feel lonely or just horny!
We welcome and encourage submissions from the LGBTIQ community, and people of every nationality, race, religion, colour and gender, and from those whose perspectives are often underrepresented in storytelling.
You don’t have to be a writer to submit a story – send us your idea or some dot points, and we’ll work with you to draft something for the collection.
The copyright of each individual piece published in the collection belongs to the author, copyright of the collection itself belongs to the editors.
Interested? Ready to submit? Email us on
We can’t guarantee that we’ll accept your story, but we’ll let you know either way within two weeks.