Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

and they want to rule the world...


Hello… Cleveland?

Sen. Kamala Harris was caught on a hot mic asking an aide what city she was in before greeting supporters at a campaign stop in Ohio on Saturday.

Footage captured by C-SPAN showed the Democratic vice presidential candidate turning to a staffer and asking, “Are we in Cleveland?”

After apparently getting confirmation of her location in the swing state, the California lawmaker said: “Hey, Cleveland, it’s Kamala!”

The cringe-worthy clip circulated on social media, with retweeters including President Trump’s son Eric Trump.

Harris’ visit to the Buckeye State — which came 10 days ahead of the presidential election — included an appearance at Cuyahoga Community College, where she urged voters to cast their ballots for her running mate Joe Biden.

In her remarks, she accidentally misstated the US coronavirus death toll, saying COVID-19 had killed “over 220 million” Americans instead of 224,000, another clip showed.


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And we've already mentioned Biden's fraudulent voters...

unfortunately biden is three paces ahead on the downhill slope.

Pelosi is just terrified. She’s running scared that President Donald Trump is going to win again. She realizes, like the others who’ve been attempting to oust Trump from office that they have little recourse against the American people who will vote for him. She is using the 25th Amendment.

Pelosi told the world Friday that she plans to introduce legislation to create a “Commission on Presidential Capacity.” A commission on presidential capacity is another word for a set-up and a presidential soft coup that would occur right before our very eyes without any bloodshed. 

Remember the 25th Amendment provides for procedures for transferring power to the vice president in case of the president’s death, incapacitation, removal or resignation. So why does Pelosi need legislation attempting to add more lies so she can twist the words of our Constitution to remove a U.S. president?

Pelosi is a liar who is already planning Coup 3.0. First was the Russia Hoax, second was impeachment and now a plan to remove President Trump from office should he be elected after Nov. 3.


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Unfortunately, Biden is three paces ahead of Trump, on the downhill slope... More gaffes coming to you soon, sponsored by the DNC...

by george!

Joe Biden appeared to confuse President Trump with former president George W. Bush during an online fundraising event on Sunday.

The Democratic presidential candidate was speaking at the “I Will Vote” concert when he attempted to make the case for his election.

“The character of the country, in my view, is literally on the ballot,” Biden told moderators George Lopez and CNN analyst Ana Navarro.

“Four more years of George, um, George, gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we’re gonna be in a different world.”

Biden called the 2020 election between him and President Trump “the most consequential election in a long, long, long time.”

His wife, Jill Biden, sat beside him at the event, which featured A$AP Ferg, Jon Bon Jovi and the Foo Fighters.

George W. Bush was in office in 2008 when Biden was on the presidential ticket with former President Barack Obama.


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changing the landscape...


The US Establishment's One-Party Rule

If the Democratic Party maintained control over the White House, the US Congress and the Supreme Court at once, it would have unparalleled powers akin to a "one-party system", admits Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist.

In fact, this reality has been taking shape for quite a while, apparently originating in the late 1980s, when "unregulated globalism took root to the detriment of the national government", according to him.

"Long ago, left-wing 'radicals' cloaked as 'Democrats' secured key positions in politics, in government bureaucracies, in academia, in media, in business and in finance," he says. "These radicals, who once preached that all ideas should be considered, are now certain that only their own inspired views should be adopted, evidence be damned, and that dissent must be crushed."

For nearly three decades the US has been ruled by the same dynastic political families and their associates, the Wall Street analyst notes, referring to close connections between the Clinton and Obama administrations as well as the Bush cabinet, whose Republican alumni teamed up with the Democrats against Donald Trump during the 2019/2020 election cycle.

This political establishment is now seeking to return to power under the potential Biden administration although their domestic economic and foreign policies were all but successful, according to the analyst. 

"Starting under the Clinton administration, corruption in America has grown to gargantuan proportions," he says. "Ever since outsider Donald Trump won his first election, those who profit from 'The Art of the Steal' (trading donations for political rewards) have been trying to cancel Trump and his army of 'deplorables'. And these anti Trump forces bend all rules they cannot break, and break as many rules as they can get away with."

"Few understand, even among Democrats, that the Democrat Party is no longer just a political party," echoes Dr Roberts. "It is an ideological revolutionary party that intends to overthrow 'white culture'. Not even the elite financiers of the Democrats have caught on that once the Democrats have one-party rule they no longer need the billionaires. I don’t think the CIA and the military/security complex have figured it out either."


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This could be the THRID INGREDIENT that leads to the collapse of the "comfort" agreement that prevents a revolution...



the two ingredients of a generalised revolution? won't happen...


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