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fakin' it ..... still .....

fakin' it ..... still .....


‘Looking for an excuse to attack Iran the Bush administration and American media have once again, joined forces in an all out effort to sell a THIRD war to the American public. The real danger, not mentioned in media reports, is the fact that this time the White House may, with or without either public or Congressional approval or support, impose this third war on the people of the United States.

All the signs and symptoms of the administration's old Pre-Iraq War disinformation campaign are writ large across media headlines and tucked neatly into the body of the so-called news reporting.

Sources presenting so-called evidence that Iran's government is directly involved in selling weapons and material to Iraq's Shiite militia groups, are unwilling to place their name next to the charges. The use of these anonymous sources was a common and vital tactic employed during the Pre-Iraq War disinformation campaign. Matter of fact, the Iraq War couldn't have been sold to the American public without nameless and faceless administration and government officials leveling false charges against Iraq's leadership. People wallowing in the shadows and abyss of their lies know that they will never be made to answer for them.’

Bush's Coming War With Iran: Administration & Media Team Up Again, To Sell Another War

A naive haul of history


Asked about reports that American troops in Afghanistan had been shelling Taliban positions across the border in Pakistan, Mr. Gates did not respond specifically, but said, "Our operations are coordinated with the Pakistanis."

A former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr. Gates said he first visited Pakistan 20 years ago in an effort to support anti-Soviet guerrillas in Afghanistan.

After the Soviets were routed, Mr. Gates said, the United States erred by neglecting the region, allowing extremists to take over. The result, he said, was the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, planned by Al Qaeda leaders under Taliban protection in Afghanistan.

"We will not make that mistake again," Mr. Gates said. "We are here for the long haul."

White House Porkies Inc

From the Independent

Target Tehran: Washington sets stage for a new confrontation By Patrick Cockburn Published: 12 February 2007

The United States is moving closer to war with Iran by accusing the "highest levels" of the Iranian government of supplying sophisticated roadside bombs that have killed 170 US troops and wounded 620.

The allegations against Iran are similar in tone and credibility to those made four years ago by the US government about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction in order to justify the invasion of 2003.


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Last weekend's anonymous briefing in Baghdad attempting to link Iran's government to attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq. But Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff Peter Pace has come out saying he has seen no evidence of any links between the explosives killing Americans and "top Iranian officials."

He told reporters, "What I would not say is that the Iranian government, per se [specifically], knows about this." Despite Pace's statement, the administration continued to defend the "circumstantial" case, but declined to offer any hard evidence to suggest that the Iranian government "clearly knows or is complicit" in the attacks. Instead, White House press secretary Tony Snow suggested questions be directed to the Pentagon. The Pentagon, in turn, referred questions to the Washington office of the Multi-National Force-Iraq. That office declined to respond, aside from emailing a "copy of Sunday's briefing slides."

The claims made in this anonymous briefing are not only at odds with Pace's assessment, but also with that of the CIA which, as reported by the New York Sun, is also "questioning" the involvement of the Iranian government in attacks on US soldiers.

That's going to make the US troops popular...

Troops Sweep 3 Shiite Areas in Baghdad Push
Published: February 14, 2007

BAGHDAD, Feb. 14 — Thousands of American troops in armored Stryker vehicles swarmed three mostly Shiite neighborhoods of northeastern Baghdad on Wednesday, encountering little resistance during what commanders described as the first major sweep of the new security plan for the capital.