Saturday 31st of July 2021

of an irritation-inducing faith...

Today (1/4/2021), the Pearls And Irritations website, the John Menadue Public Policy Journal, enters the world of mysticism, and one wonders why? WHY?

Has John Menadue got arthritic knees or is Callum Foote, the Production Editor, a secret religious nutty priest? The article by Ryan Marr, of the Tablet, “Newman’s sermons as spiritual reading during Lent” is wildly deviating from what I thought was the P&I site humanist secular focus. Faith is a con-trick, dear P&I... even if it appears on the cover of National Geographic (see image above).

Anyway, Marr starts:

"If you are anything like me, you have on at least one occasion squandered the holy season of Lent. The Church has established such times on the liturgical calendar so that we might enter more deeply into the mysteries of Christ’s life.” 

Sorry, we’re totally unlike you, Ryan...  But Marr insists that St John Henry Newman’s Lenten sermons present a particularly helpful resource for this canonic purpose:

And I fear such as Esau was of old time, such are too many Christians now. They despise God’s blessings when they are young, and strong, and healthy; then, when they get old, or weak, or sick, they do not think of repenting, but they think they may take and enjoy the privileges of the Gospel as a matter of course, as if the sins of former years went for nothing.

Hello dudes at the Pearls !… I got irritated by this strange religious piece. “Life, the Season of Repentance”? Are you kidding? Repent from what? From being human, a Homo sapiens? And the sermoning gets worse…

Self-denial of some kind or other is involved, as is evident, in the very notion of renewal and holy obedience. To change our hearts is to learn to love things which we do not naturally love – to unlearn the love of this world; but this involves, of course, a thwarting of our natural wishes and tastes. To be righteous and obedient implies self-command; but to possess power we must have gained it; nor can we gain it without a vigorous struggle, a persevering warfare against ourselves.

What? “The Duty of Self-denial”? Are you nuts? Has something weird happened to you since your new P&I graphics? 

Despair makes men bold, and so it is that [the one] who has nothing to hope from the world, has nothing to fear from it. [The one] who has really tasted of the true Cross, can taste no bitterer pain, no keener joy.” 


Yep. Let’s all be miserable in despair so we can be happpppy! Yep, just wear sandals and a white sheet as overcoat, or a fig leaf large enough to cover the you-know-what place that is making Kanbra spin, throw your smartphone in the water of the Harbour and wait for mana to come from heaven when you’re a tad hungry — or die happy of pain with stomach cramps during droughts.

A former preacher placed his finger on the caper:
… retired bishop of the Episcopal Church, named John Shelby Spong, said that while he does believe in life after death, he does not think that this concept has anything to do with “reward and punishment.”

According to UNILAD, Spong made this remark in a 2006 interview with NBC, while also mentioning how "religion is always in the control business and that’s something people don’t really understand, it’s a guilt-producing control business.”

"If you have heaven as a place where you’re rewarded for your goodness and hell as a place where you’re punished for your evil, then you sort of have control of the population," he remarked. "So they create this fiery place which has quite literally scared the hell out of a lot of people.”
Spong also insisted that the church "doesn’t like for people to grow up because you can’t control grown-ups."

Lent is part of this cynical churchy manipulation. The article by Marr is I hope a single aberration — a step in the wrong direction — from the usually pertinent P&I, though I have noticed some softening of the arteries in the focus of the articles lately, tending slightly more towards bourgeois-style critiques since the “improvement" of logo and general site presentation. I hope it’s not going to finally look like a front page of the Daily Telegraph. 

And Marr tells us:
By being crucified with Christ, we are freed from selfish ambition and vain conceit (cf. Gal. 2:20 and Phil. 2:3-4), and thus able to love others with supernatural charity—extending to them the same mercy that God has shown us. Certainly, we should “count the cost” beforehand, but Newman thinks it irrational to seek happiness in any other way of life.

Gus saysCRUCIFIED WITH CHRIST? Ryan, are you really aware of what shit you’re writing? “… irrational to seek happiness in any other way of life"? A bit exclusive for the rest of humanity? No? In the mean time tell this to “bomber Biden”-the Catholic...


FREE ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we all should know it did happen...


Becoming "Woke" does not mean that one becomes enlightened or is more “intelligent". But it is a form of liberation… It is an awakening to the way our life has been controlled and often degraded by the system. At this stage becoming woke can be like choosing a different poison, because the one we’ve had to take so far was the enslaving and belittling from white supremacism. This rejection of the "white cultural superiority" should not mean cancelling this culture despite the recognised white supremacist bad deeds throughout its history. Hoping that this erasure is going to provide improvements is somewhat delusional. It’s likely that cancelling the history of this culture will leave a void of good and bad ideas — and provide nothing substantial to fight against rationally.

In the white supremacist history, Christianity is at its centrepiece. It has been used by missionaries to prepare the grounds for “obedience” to a higher authority which followed — the white conquerors with more often than not, superior weapons. Christianity, like Islam, is a lie about life and designed to conquer other nations. This religious "faith" enters the gullible heart of the displaced by war and slavery as a enticement to believe that your present shit-life, will be better on the other side of death. Bullshit, but brilliant bullshit. So Cancel Culture has first to come to term with the illusions of god(s).

So far, Cancel Culture has been a fad, and cannot be much more. It is much weaker than structured socialism, though more akin to Anarchy, because to a great extend woke and cancel culture are reactionary rather than progressive and they are often limited to minorities that have suffered. Many white people, including some hard working bourgeois, though, will show compassion (mostly through guilt) and will try to promote equality and the elimination of racism, with various degrees of compassion and charitable enterprises...

That the “white" social construct allows for the desecration of its secular statues of conquerors and such, is but a small token of appeasement, while the police still battles on against the awakening public of BAME, now AAME, to maintain order. Meanwhile, the evangelical churches are doing their darnest to make sure the woke do not wake up but absorb the concept of “liberation” via a religious belief. Few statues of religious representation have been destroyed. Most people, including the woke, are afraid of god... 

Woke has many necessary elements of anger to alert everyone that some people have been hurt by the white supremacist culture. We all have been hurt somehow, including many white people who have been embroiled in the system against their better judgement, their compassion and their will. 

We had the Rimbaud and the Voltaire, we had the Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the Camus and the Karl Marx. They all warned us in their own fashion about the pitfalls of our whitish cultural evolution, and by the end of which we need to provide a new system of sharing, an equitable system that does not destroy the place. But the way we have gone about it has been appalling. This has been due to our natural greed in which we’re prepared to steal or exchange a new bone for an old one (or for nothing — we just take, we rob) — and we do this by superior strength, threat and subtle manipulation of beliefs amongst the “masses”. Once the masses discover the tricks, their trust and the learnt sense of duty erodes. The woke want their slice of historical cake. The white supremacists do not want to be erased and will fight back. 

We need to find a pathway that defuses the white superiority complex into different acceptances, and manage the culture mix without self-destruction. Democracy is at fault here as it is based on the will of the people, which are in majority whitish and will rule the roost. So the minorities are clamouring to be seen. The police will smash them. Be aware, the bourgeois always win, in whatever system, because they “control” the system’s mechanics that provide for people’s existence, food and comforts, whether poor or rich. 

The cancel culture movements to destroy history are fraught with misunderstandings and lies. Julius Caesar was warned of the ides of March, ignores it, and he died; plebeians are way too easily swayed; all the conspirators die too. The republic dies nonetheless. The empire begins. 

Whether we study this from a feminist point of view or not, this is what happened. Women had very little to play alongside the warriors, except possibly the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, who might have sowed some seeds of self-importance into Marc Antony’s ego. Mark Antony drives the conspirators out of Rome and fights them in a battle. Brutus and his friend Cassius lose and kill themselves, leaving Antony to rule in Rome. 

And that’s history. Or is it? at this stage, cancel culture is a bit like Holocaust’s denialism. It never happened. But we all should know it did happened. Meanwhile Christianity was a construct to control people and used as such by emperor Constantine...