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big pharma fights the generic vaccines...


















THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY is pouring resources into the growing political fight over generic coronavirus vaccines.

Newly filed disclosure forms from the first quarter of 2021 show that over 100 lobbyists have been mobilized to contact lawmakers and members of the Biden administration, urging them to oppose a proposed temporary waiver on intellectual property rights by the World Trade Organization that would allow generic vaccines to be produced globally.


Pharmaceutical lobbyists working against the proposal include Mike McKay, a key fundraiser for House Democrats, now working on retainer for Pfizer, as well as severalformer staff members to the U.S. Office of Trade Representative, which oversees negotiations with the WTO.

Several trade groups funded by pharmaceutical firms have also focused closely on defeating the generic proposal, new disclosures show. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, and the International Intellectual Property Alliance, which all receive drug company money, have dispatched dozens of lobbyists to oppose the initiative.

The push has been followed by a number of influential voices taking the side of the drug lobby. Last week, Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., released a letter demanding that the administration “oppose any and all efforts aimed at waiving intellectual property rights.” Howard Dean, the former Democratic National Committee chair, has similarly criticized the proposal, echoing many of the arguments of the drug industry.

Currently, only 1 percent of coronavirus vaccines are going to low-income countries, and projections show much of the world’s population may not be vaccinated until 2023 or 2024. In response, a coalition of countries, led by India and South Africa, have petitioned the WTO to temporarily suspend intellectual property rights on coronavirus-related medical products so that generic vaccines can be rapidly manufactured.

The waiver requests a suspension of IP enforcement under the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, or TRIPS, treaty. If granted, local pharmaceutical plants could be granted compulsory licenses to produce coronavirus vaccines without the threat of being sued by the license holder.

The proposal has gained traction globally, with hundreds of members of the European Parliament, dozens of American lawmakers led by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and increasingly vocal voices in the public health community expressing support.



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Free Julian Assange Now !!!


bill gates says no...

A suggestion to waive patent restrictions on Covid-19 vaccines has been rejected by Bill Gates, who said he doesn’t believe intellectual property has anything to do with the drawn-out global effort to rein in the pandemic.

Vaccines developed by pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and Moderna enjoy global protection under the World Trade Organization (WTO). Considering the scarcity of the medicines, there have been increasing calls from countries like India and South Africa, international relief organizations and public figures to waive those protections so that poorer countries can get better access to the medicines.

However, one of the most publicized figures in the global vaccination campaign, Bill Gates, apparently believes it’s a bad idea. When asked by Sky News’ Sophy Ridge if stripping intellectual property protections from vaccine recipes would be helpful, the founder of Microsoft responded with an emphatic “No.”


The thing that’s holding things back in this case is not intellectual property. It’s not like there’s some idle vaccine factory, with regulatory approval, that makes magically safe vaccines. You know, you’ve got to do the trial on these things. Every manufacturing process has to be looked at in a very careful way,” he explained.

There are all sorts of issues around intellectual property having to do with medicines. But not in terms of how quickly we’ve been able to ramp up the volume here.

Gates cited his foundation’s experience in helping to organize vaccine production in developing nations like India and said the fact that poor nations would likely have a chance to get supplies from rich ones as soon as they immunize their own populations was a success. “Typically, in global health it takes a decade between when a vaccine comes into the rich world and when it gets into the poor countries,” he noted.

Gates speaks as if all the lives being lost in India are inevitable but eventually the West will help when in reality the US & UK are holding their feet on the neck of developing states by refusing to break TRIPS protections. It's disgusting.

— Tara Van Ho (Dr) (@TaraVanHo) April 25, 2021


Both Gates and his foundation are long-time defenders of intellectual property protections, and now critics are accusing Gates of deliberately wasting an opportunity to help reshape how intellectual property works for matters of greater public good. The Covid-19 ACT-Accelerator mechanism, backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has a stated goal of providing “equitable access” to anti-Covid tools – but it also respects the exclusive intellectual property rights. At the same time, Gates has apparently been snubbing the alternative solution, known as Covid-19 Technology Access Pool, or C-TAP, which would pool open-source technologies on how to deal with the pandemic.


Big Pharma is quite happy with the status quo and has reportedly been engaged in its own effort to sink the waiver proposal. According to a Sunday report by the Financial Times, US pharmaceutical companies have been rattled by a recent WTO speech by Joe Biden’s top trade official Katherine Tai, in which she said Washington could “consider what modifications and reforms” can be applied to intellectual property rules.

FT sources say that, in response, companies have been trying to convince the White House that China and Russia would benefit from patent exposure, using the proprietary US technologies “for other vaccines or even therapeutics for conditions such as cancer and heart problems in the future.”


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Bill Gates! Bill! Ask for the freedom of Julian Assange!



Most relevant segments of the interview with Reiner Fuellmich by Jerm Warfare.


Transcribed by: bylystudentpaniEli Bitchute Channel


The German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich (b. 1958) has had a long career in which he has conducted controversial lawsuits against Volkswagen, for example. A respectable number of books and research reports are to his name. Fuellmich has focused on investigating the facts surrounding the corona crisis from April 2020. Together with a team of specialists, he has had a large number of investigations that have brought him to the point where he can determine that he and his team have evidence of the true facts.

Fuellmich was recently interviewed by Jerm Warfare. The most interesting parts of this interview are on a video that takes 20 minutes of your time.


Fuellmich calls the events of the past year the worst crime ever committed against humanity. It is not about a virus, nor is it about health. The point is to take everything away from us, making us totally dependent on what he calls the “Davos clique.” They want to reduce the world’s population and have complete control over the remaining humanity.


All measures, all methods, that are used do not rest on a solid scientific basis. Fuellmich speaks in this regard about the Corman-Drosten paper, which forms the basis for WHO policy. Scientifically speaking, the PCR test protocol is also a mess. The test is designed in such a way that it generates as many positive outcomes as possible. The sole goal is to make vaccination readiness as high as possible. That vaccine is not a vaccine, but an instrument to induce genetic changes.


The cleaning process that will inevitably come could take years. On the positive side, however, we are approaching the tipping point at which the Davos cabal will have to answer to humanity. A major reason for this is that they pile up one mistake after another, causing even the most loyal of people to question. For example, the large amount of side effects resulting from the injections. Part of humanity has woken up and they want to anticipate the consequences. The plan was originally planned to be implemented in 2050, but under pressure from global awareness, it has been brought forward to 2030 and then to 2020. Hasty speed leads to mistakes.


Fuellmich is relaxed and full of smiles in this interview because he has the peace of mind of someone who knows how the story works and has the powerful evidence for it. He thinks a global tribunal is needed because the scale of the events is so vast and complicated that it is beyond the competence of national judges. Fuellmich and his team are working towards what they call Nurnberg-2.


Who are “they”, who is the Davos cabal? It’s about three thousand people, no more, who want to completely control the rest of humanity. It is not about money for them. The three thousand have so much power that they derive the power from which they exert influence. They bribe people in the medical sector, in business, politics, large institutions, etc. to do what they want. If money doesn’t work, blackmail or even threats. The Davos clique also uses methods to apply massive behavioral influence. They steal taxpayers’ money from citizens around the world. Not to get richer from it, but to make and keep the world’s population dependent on them. To keep us calm there is The cleaning process that will inevitably come could take years. On the positive side, however, we are approaching the tipping point at which the Davos cabal will have to answer to humanity. A major reason for this is that they pile up one mistake after another, causing even the most loyal of people to question. For example, the large amount of side effects resulting from the injections.


For the full hour long video called Reiner Fuellmich on suing the WHO for “crimes against humanity” go to:



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From Medika:


Reiner Fuellmich is engaged in playing a very dangerous game of cat and mouse with what is essentially most of the world. He believes or alledges to believe, that Covid and the coronavirus have been blown out of all proportion, that the WHO is complicit in not warning everyone, then causing global panic, and that everyone else, possibly even your mum, is complicit in a global conspiracy involving Covid. 


His latest trending conspiracy tirade is apparently drawn from a very obtuse and mysterious organization he has dubbed the German Corona Investigative Committee. comprising himself and other unnamed members. The document he has produced is an epic 12 pager, a War and Peace sized missive, the nature, and composition of which, would almost certainly have turned Tolkien green with envy. You can view the document here.

At its root, the document is this, nothing more, nothing less. A cleverly constructed fabrication of wishful thinking, clever turns of phrase, and willful manipulation and misinterpretation of the facts to arrive at a conclusion that is so far removed from reality as to give concern for the author’s sanity. 



Fact-Checking Fuellmich’s Fairy Tale


We deal on a regular basis with the fringe of healthcare, the kooks and quacks selling their own brand of self-appointed health poisons and potions. There is a certain predictability about the channels these individuals use to amplify their brand of crazy and Fuellmich is no different. It’s the first flag we look for and it usually signals an idea or opinion that is so far removed from reality that no one else dares touch it.

Conspiracy websites and the alt-health sector adopt these individuals as their own, which is helpful, as they singlehandedly do more to discredit them than any other source. Play with the nutters and you give up your seta at the sane table for good.


Let’s look at a few of the statements Fuellmich makes and then later we’ll take a closer look at the man. We’ve cherry-picked bits, so don’t worry, your eyes aren’t going to bleed from sustained exposure to bullshit. Rather than picking apart his entire tale, we’d like to show you how he has crafted his fiction and the tools he relies on to appear convincing and authoritative. 


His small statements are made without a shred of supporting evidence, but they are made in a matter-of-fact way that suggests to the reader they ought to know these “facts”. Here is an example and we’ve highlighted parts of the text for emphasis.


Now let’s take a look at the current actual situation regarding the virus’s danger, the complete uselessness of PCR tests for the detection of infections, and the lockdowns based on non-existent infections.


His use of the word “actual” indicates your perception of reality has been flawed and he is about to set you straight. PCR testing is trashed without a shred of supporting evidence and next, he suggests there aren’t any infections. Hey folks, people haven’t been dying, not from Covid anyway.


These statements on their own don’t look dramatic and we are therefore inclined not to seek validation for them, but they begin to paint a picture in the reader’s mind and thus lend credibility to the rest of the narrative. The author uses this tactic remorselessly throughout, building on it as he progresses. Small lies and falsehoods, interspersed with facts to lend credence.

The whole article is a crock of horseshit as anyone intimately involved with the pandemic for the last 12 months can attest to. Ask someone who has been seriously ill with Covid if they think it’s regular flu.


We have a skilled and unscrupulous lawyer in Fuellmich who is painting a picture to the jury (us) of something he wants to sell us. We’ll examine possible motives for his sales pitch at the end of the article. 


A word of clarification: in Bergamo, the vast majority of deaths, 94% to be exact, turned out to be the result not of Covid-19, but rather the consequence of the government deciding to transfer sick patients, sick with probably the cold or seasonal flu, from hospitals to nursing homes in order to make room at the hospitals for all the Covid patients, who ultimately never arrived.


An amazingly exact figure (94%) and very confusing considering the ample evidence that now exists to support the fact that most Italian areas, and Bergamo was no exception, were underreporting Covid deaths. Don’t take my word for it, here is conclusive proof. Also, given the 228% (you’re not the only one that can do it mate) increase in deaths compared to 2019, I think Italians could safely assume they weren’t dealing with influenza.


Fuellmich may want to avoid booking a holiday on Lake Como. Accusing the Italians of murdering their own people may not be the best way to ensure a harmonious EU brotherhood. In his defense though, he has set about trying to piss off everyone equally. Literally, no one is spared in his 12-page tantrum. This next exert is my favorite.


However, as autopsies have shown, which were carried out in Germany in particular, by the forensic scientist Professor Klaus Püschel in Hamburg, the fatalities he examined had almost all been caused by serious pre-existing conditions, and almost all of the people who had died had died at the very at a very old age, just like in Italy, meaning they had lived beyond their average life expectancy.


So exactly how many bodies did the good Professor Püschel hack up for his research? You see if we choose to believe Fuellmich then there wouldn’t, according to his view of events, have been that many bodies. Hardly enough to form a solid opinion from anyway, so Fuellmich has, without realizing it, just locked his tale in with Schroedinger’s cat. Fuellmich’s Paranoia Puzzle. 


Let’s revert back to the real world and the totally ridiculous conclusion he draws. Influenza doesn’t kill people, it’s the infections that get you, Even someone as lacking in medical knowledge as Fuellmich appears to be, would know this. Covid is no different. Show me a person who has died of Covid and I’ll show you Elvis’s latest concert itinerary.


Lungs collapse or simply gum up, fatal blood clots form, hearts stop and the list goes on. That’s what kills you. Covid was simply driving the car. The older you are the more likely you are to suffer from some or other dodgy organ, stuff stops working and wears out. I’d also be interested to know why Professor Püschel didn’t investigate younger fatalities? Did he. and Fuellmich just conveniently avoids mentioning them, or did the Professor have an agenda, much like Fuellmich?


The last extract is simply to show you the depths to which this waste of flesh is willing to stoop in order to further his cause. 


there are numerous credible reports that doctors and hospitals worldwide had been paid money for declaring a deceased person a victim of Covid-19 rather than writing down the true cause of death on the death certificate, for example a heart attack or a gunshot wound


See those highlighted words? He’s at it again. Where are these “numerous credible” reports you’re referring to Mr. Fuellmich. Please produce them. Otherwise, it is my sincere hope that while on holiday at Lake Como. you take ill, and that your attending Italian surgeon is intimately familiar with your article. Best of luck. 


Not satisfied with merely insulting the memories of those who have lost their lives to Covid, Fuellmich reaches out to the doctors and healthcare providers as well, accusing them of falsifying death reports. The man is truly a piece of work.



What motivates Fuellmich?


That’s a difficult question to answer. His rise to infamy really began in 2020, and one crazy covid related headline after the next has kept him in the alternate media eye since then. This latest effort will almost undoubtedly not be his last. It may simply be that he craves the spotlight and notoriety and enjoys the media attention. 


Weird we know, but sometimes the simplest explanations are the ones we miss and nothing in the alternate universe that Fuellmich occupies smacks of normalcy. Perhaps in recognition of the danger he poses, most mainstream media have avoided amplifying his rubbish and generally shun him. As stated earlier, he survives off the charity of conspiracy websites and alternate health platforms, without whom he would just be another conspiracy nutcase pissing into the wind.


What is at once apparent is that the Department of Justice and FDA will have renewed interest in Herr Fuellmich and if they don’t, we can assure you we intend to make them painfully aware of him. His efforts to spread misinformation on the virus and create a climate of distrust in the public mind compromises public health and the healthcare industry. 


But wait, isn’t he German? Yes, he is, but he proudly brags of being licensed to practice law in the State of California. According to the State Bar of Califonia website, they hold the following information on Fuellmich.



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We don’t shy away from controversial outspoken views that are based on solid science and have at their core, the wellbeing of the industry and the patients you so selflessly serve. If there is a social benefit to all of us, then it matters.

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Gus is going to play the devil’s advocate:


So do we have two devils or two angels fighting out. One is right and the other is right — or is it that one is wrong and the other is wrong as well? Or is Reiner Fuellmich wrong and Medika correct?



"Read the latest industry news, straight from the companies themselves.” is a bit in the pocket of big pharma, isn’t it? Is Medika a site designed to promote big pharma’s advice to the common man (and woman) without appearing to be big pharma?


Medika is a young outfit, launched, I believe, in October 2020… And one could think the big firms would love Medika..



“We’re thrilled to announce that Medika Life is now officially ‘live’ and it’s not just another medical publication seeking to compete with other platforms like WebMD. We’re different and we’d like to share how.”


“This article replaces our older articles and you can find information below on submitting your writing, being added to BeingWell as a writer, and utilizing Medika to promote your digital footprint. All our relevant contact info is in the footer.”



It appears that most “opinionated” opinions on Medika are to debunk “conspiracist theories” by the gallon full, cut them to pieces and burn them to death.


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Covid Patients in India are being sold fake medications, black market remdesivir and tocilizumab, by scammers. Here is how you can identify a scammer and stay safe.


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We Call Out Reiner Fuellmich as a Fraud. The Covid Conspirator Investigated


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Who Not To Trust: A List of 10 Covid-19 Charlatans and “Medical” Snake-Oil Salesmen


What an amazing list of conspiracy theorists… So should we trust big Pharma 100 per cent? Should we trust our governments 100 per cent? Was the call of the World Economic Forum for a “reset” , from Davos, a joke to humour us like Davey at a Melbourne Comedy Festival? Who was the instigator (a bat from hell we believe) of the pandemic and/or who has been opportunistic (WEF, big Pharma, governments) enough to cash in, to restrict movements, to make us obey? Is there no side effect to the vaccines? Is no-one making a profit from the pandemic? Did our governments sign a waiver so that should there be side-effects to vaccines, manufacturers would not be held responsible? Hum… I think so…


In this article ( on Medika, one can smell the big Pharma glove inside the puppet…:


The pharmaceutical industry cannot make mistakes. They have to ensure that doctors and pharmacists are able to clearly interpret their labels and dosage recommendations for medication.




This is where we have to quit: WE KNOW THAT BIG PHARMA HAS MADE MISTAKES, some deliberately maintained FOR PROFITS, like prescription opioids and something like Vioxx, for example. Has there been other “mistakes”? Yes…

(… Are these 10 drugs the only ones? NO… This other list has 35 dangerous drugs…( and there plenty more… Remember Bex?



So the pharmaceutical industry cannot make mistakes is a bit glib and the next step here is that should there be a problem, blame the doctors and the pharmacists:


       “• Doctors are not all knowing. Neither are pharmacists. They rely on your electronic files or the information you provide and information provided by pharmaceutical companies.”


Am I wrong to suspect that Medika is financed (or at least inspired) by big Pharma?…


Is Reiner Fuellmich completely off the planet?


Whatever you do or believe, don’t get sick, don’t get corona...




Not a pharmacist.





variants versus vaccines...


The Covid-19 vaccination program is becoming an ethical discussion of the difference between national vs global, private vs public, and whether to co-operate or to compete. It is also about who pays and who benefits.

A pandemic is not a race between countries, but a race between humanity and the virus. But are we really “all in this together”?

Fair distribution of vaccines is in our interests

Let’s try to make the numbers simple. Modelling done in 2020 assuming 3 billion vaccine doses (of a single dose 80% effective vaccine) found that a co-operative scenario – meaning fair, equitable world-wide distribution averted 61% of Covid deaths, while a scenario where 2/3 of those doses went exclusively to rich countries, averted 33% of deaths.

Economically, it has been estimated that hoarding of vaccines by wealthy countries (which is in effect what is happening now) costs the global economy in GDP terms from $US1.2 trillion or, depending on assumptions between $US1.5 and $9.2 trillion. About half of that cost would be borne by high income countries.

The more the pandemic rages uncontrolled in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), the greater the opportunity for more new virus variants to emerge which may be more infectious, more injurious to health, and more resistant to the current vaccines.


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Back in February:




Modeler Natasha Martin and her team at the University of California, San Diego, have looked at the interplay of variants and vaccines in an even smaller area: their home county. Sequencing of COVID-19 cases in San Diego county has shown the highly transmissible B.1.1.7 variant has a 5% prevalence so far—10 times higher than recently estimated for the nation. Martin’s model shows that if the variant takes over, as many researchers expect, aggressive vaccination campaigns over the next 3 months will still cut case numbers in half. But if the county drops its guard and people become lax about prevention efforts, COVID-19 cases will triple even with rapid vaccination. “We are at a critical moment in the epidemic, where our progress in terms of declining cases could quickly be reversed as the B.1.1.7 strain expands,” Martin says. “We have the tools we need to fight the spread of this virus: masking, social distancing, vaccination. Now is the time to vaccinate as many people as fast as we can, and double down on masking and distancing.”

How quickly can we tailor vaccines to the new variants?

Vaccine developers proved in 2020 that they can move from concept to candidate vaccine, ready to test in people, in as little as 2 months. Changing the genetic code used in an mRNA or vector-based vaccine, or making a new inactivated-virus preparation, should be at least as fast. (A genetically engineered protein, such as the Novavax vaccine, takes longer.)

But by far the biggest time sink and expense for getting COVID-19 vaccines into use were the large-scale efficacy trials, which took about 4 months. Would those need to be repeated for each updated vaccine? No, says Peter Marks, who heads the vaccine division at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. All the agency would likely require, he says, is a “modest size” study in humans showing the immune responses elicited by the new vaccine resemble those triggered by the original and are likely to be protective.

Flu vaccines, after all, are updated yearly to keep up with the ever-morphing influenza virus and are quickly approved. Makers can pop out components from the old vaccine and replace them with new ones. Regulators require minimal evidence about the revised product—often just animal studies showing it performs as well as last year’s model.

But with COVID-19 vaccines, no one knows which immune responses correlate with protection. Many vaccine experts assume neutralizing antibodies to the spike protein are the most important driver of protection. To prove that, however, researchers need to compare immune responses between vaccinated people infected by viruses that “broke through” their protection and vaccinated people who did not become infected. A more in-depth “sieve” analysis of breakthrough cases refines the correlates of protection by looking at the genetics of the variants that break through. Those studies are underway, but the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, the first approved, worked so well that it was difficult to figure out the protective immune responses. “There weren’t that many vaccinated, infected people,” explains Mascola, who is helping coordinate the analyses.

Still, Marks says he anticipates that by the time makers of vaccines formulate new preparations to combat variants and test them in small human studies, the key immune responses will have become clear. “We may well have the correlate confirmed by March when it is really needed,” he says. That could open the way for rapid approval and rollout of boosters designed to keep up with the evolving virus—and ensure that any hard-won progress against the pandemic isn’t undone.


read more:


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What could be the risk of training our immune system to perform a specific defence against a virus, while without "training" our immune system could respond better to the new variants, with help from drugs? Who knows...


Free Julian Assange Now...

waiving patents???

Biden commits to waiving vaccine patents in bid for speed   Liberals hailed the president’s decision as a necessary step for saving lives while restoring America’s position on the global stage. But the drug industry said the move would spark new competition for limited ingredients.   By Dan DiamondTyler Pager and Jeff Stein





FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

profits and patents...

The US pharmaceutical giant cashing in on a pandemic that has killed 3.2m people while failing to help the world’s poor is morally indefensible, and illustrates the corrupt nature of monopoly medicine.

As the New York Times reported, Pfizer generated hundreds of millions in profits in the first quarter of 2021, thanks to its successful Covid-19 vaccine. What’s interesting about the company’s success, however, is that its vaccine is one of just two widely used that are produced on a for-profit basis – and the only one whose manufacturer is not reliant on it to stay afloat. Pfizer’s windfall this year is, in essence, a windfall for monopoly medicine.

Unlike its Western competitors Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, Pfizer decided early to profit from its vaccine. That profit margin hasn’t been disclosed, but it was predicted that this would be in the high 20% range. That means that, of the $3.5 billion brought in by the vaccine this quarter, about $900m is pre-tax profit. 


Unlike Moderna, a competitor that uses similar vaccine technology to Pfizer’s, Pfizer is an extraordinarily profitable company already, making $9.6 billion in profits in 2020 before the vaccine had even had a serious impact. Moderna has no other products on the market, so turning a profit on its vaccine is crucial for its operation. Not so for Pfizer. 

Pfizer sells its vaccine sales at different rates. The United States, for example, pays $19.50 for each dose, while Israel has reportedly paid $30.The reason all this is morally justifiable, Pfizer has said repeatedly, is that it was never part of the US government’s Operation Warp Speed and therefore should be allowed to set its own prices. 

However, this is deceptive. BioNTech, the company that actually developed the vaccine, after which Pfizer basically slapped its label on it, received a $455 million grant from the German government and got around $6 billion in purchase commitments from the US and EU. Not only that, but the Pfizer vaccine is based on mRNA technology patented by the National Institutes of Health that was funded by US taxpayers. 

In a nutshell, Pfizer capitalized on a partnership with a then-obscure German biotech company that received German government grants to develop its vaccine based on US taxpayer-funded technology, and then received purchasing guarantees from rich governments that guaranteed billions of dollars in revenue. It managed to privatize all the profits while socializing all the risk in what was a textbook case of how corrupt Big Pharma is


Read more:


Note: Gus isn't suggesting that Big Pharma is corrupt but that the capitalist system allows for such profit making ventures. 


As well, due to the profitable patents, Angela Merkel said no to the removal of the patents on the vaccines. See who is going to win this one Angela or Joe, while the EU is going to discuss the proposal in a non commital way. My bet is on Angela as Joe is only mouthing off... but who knows...


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repeat cash...

More than a dozen influential infectious disease and vaccine experts say the first round of jabs may offer enough protection against Covid-19, refuting Big Pharma’s claims that regular shots will “likely” be needed.

In a report on Thursday, Reuters quotes top infectious disease and vaccine-development experts as saying that the first round of inoculation with vaccines against the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and its variants may be adequate to offer enduring protection.

The scientists also expressed concern that it’s the pharmaceutical executives rather than health specialists who are shaping public expectations around booster shots.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in April that people would “likely” need a third dose of a Covid-19 vaccine within 12 months of getting fully vaccinated, adding that yearly vaccinations would possibly be necessary.


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vaccine supremacy...


AstraZeneca has issued a report for health professionals concerning growing vaccine hesitancy, particularly towards adenoviral vectored jabs. Major Western media outlets did not bother to check out the report when fuelling speculation about an anti-Pfizer smear campaign that was groundlessly attributed to Russia.

It has become commonplace for US and EU journalists to pin the blame on Russia for whatever happens in the Eastern or Western Hemispheres – from "stealing" the 2016 presidential election from Hillary Clinton to blowing up some old arms depot in a Czech village.

When French media outlet Numerama found out that a "mystery agency" named Fazze had reached out to French social media influencers asking them to throw shade on Pfizer's COVID vaccine based on an internal report by AstraZeneca, "Russia" was apparently the first thought that crossed the mind of Numerama's journalists.


Russians Did It Again, Never Mind the Facts


Numerama did not accuse Russia directly. However, it mentioned here and there that a LinkedIn search for Fazze found "only one employee, who claims to have done internships for Russian companies before"; that its site "offers the possibility of connecting with Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte, the most used social network in Russia"; and that the agency "echoes most of the arguments that the official Sputnik V vaccine account shares on Twitter". Neither did the French media outlet note that VKontakte has long since gone global, nor did it specify which of Sputnik V's "arguments" it was referring to.


Still, these tips were enough for The Guardian and The Washington Post to double down on speculating about the alleged "Russia trace". Thus, The Guardian called it "a supposedly UK-based PR agency with apparent Russian connections", while The Washington Post claimed that "French officials reportedly believe it could be linked to Russia".


The new "Russia Did It" story spread like wildfire. What was left beyond the scope of the media "investigators" was Fazze's notion of a leaked AstraZeneca report and a scan of a chart showing vaccine fatalities from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson's jabs. Busy with their fishing expedition, virtually no one in the mainstream media appeared to be interested in where the chart came from.

AstraZeneca Calls for Clear and Consistent Information

However, it turns out that the fatality figures labelled "false" and "conspiratorial" really were part of AstraZeneca's report that was sent to health regulators in a number of countries.

The report, titled "Restoring Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines and Improved Co-operation Between Regulatory, Healthcare Agencies and Pharmaceutical Companies – A Call for Action”, not only acknowledges that vaccines are indeed associated with some risk, but also presents two charts specifying side effects of leading Western jabs, with the first table showing that Pfizer’s drug has a worse mortality rate per million doses than AstraZeneca's in all countries listed, except in the UK

AstraZeneca's report specifically bemoans the bias against adenoviral vectored vaccines as well as attempts to restrict them after rare instances of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia emerged:

"Despite the substantial benefits associated with vaccination with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca/AZD1222, based on these findings, health agencies from some countries responded rapidly by restricting the use of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca/AZD1222 entirely or in certain age groups", the report says.

The pharma company further raises the alarm over health agencies' recommendations that people who received their first dose of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 jab should get Pfizer's mRNA vaccine for their second dose, warning that there is not enough data to confirm the efficacy of such a measure.


The Swedish-British firm confirmed the authenticity of the report to Sputnik, adding that the information "was not intended to be widely disseminated"; however, the limited access does little to explain why respected publications chose to ignore its existence.

The only feasible explanation appears to be that any Moscow-related conspiracy generates more clicks than publishing a report that calls for stopping demonisation and improving transparency when it comes to the only means to stop a global pandemic.


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